[SOLVED] Hello. I'm a new member and I have a B.C. Rich Warlock Revenge. I like the feel of the body and neck but the pickups are nightmare-fuel. I want to swap out my bridge pickup with a Seymour Duncan Black Winter bridge pickup but I don't have any experience with changing pickups. I would appreciate any help.

Additional Information:I'm picking up a $15 750 Soldering Iron or a $16 900 degree Soldering Iron (both are pencil tip). I'd like to know which one would be better for someone in my situation (meaning no prior experience).

I can't attach an image because the file extension isn't supported but the wire colors are gray, black, red, and blue. I currently have the stock BDSM Humbuckers in my guitar. The wiring is entirely unaltered.
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either should work but I highly suggest taking some time practicing with the solder. although not hard it isn't as easy as it looks either.
for the soldering i do, i rarely go above 650-750*, but i have one of those expensive fancy soldering stations. proper solder helps alot, you want a rosin core, and a relatively small diameter (i can't remember what i use, but i do go back and forth a little bit).
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Practice soldering first, and there are a lot of 'how to replace pickups' videos on the SD YouTube page. I always take a pic before I start taking the old ones out so I can remember where everything went.
The temperature isn't the issue as much as wattage is. You want something that will get UP to temperature quickly and that can *stay* there. I have a Hakko soldering station.

The cheap soldering pencils are far more likely to heat damage components (pots, etc.) because they lose heat to the components and then take time to build it back while you're holding them on the piece.

Learn some basics regarding pickup replacement (never clip the wires near the old pickup to save time, for example). And keep the old pickups with the guitar in case you sell it. Most folks don't consider a pickup replacement an upgrade (sorry) and won't pay you extra for your expensive Black Winter. Fact is, I'd much rather find a guitar in original condition (and not with the original pickups replaced) because I have no idea what competence level has been at work on the guts of a guitar when pickups have been replaced.
dspellman Thanks for the long reply but I've chosen a different option. I've been wanting a 7 string for a while and my local store has an RG7421 on sale. I'll inevitably change the pick ups on the RG7 but it'll be a while. I'm picking up new gear rather than trying to save subpar gear. Thanks for your time.