Hello! My first guitar is a Western brand Strat. It feels amazing and I've played some expensive guitars and as far as playability goes, this thing is great.

The tuning pegs are not bad either. It went out of tune beause of the crappy strings I used back in the day.

The main deal would be changing the pickups. I intend on buying the Fender Tex-mex pickups, which seem nice for my price range. But I don't know if I would need to change anything else regarding wiring. When I plug in the guitar, sometimes the signal fades out. I don't knowf it's a pickup or an input jack issue.

What would be your take on giving this guitar a new life? I could just buy all of the internal wiring, I am traveling to the U.S. in a couple months, so I rather get the guitar a new set of guts rather than risking something going quack. What I mean is that it's mechanical parts are just fine, it's the electronics what concerns me. And pickups must be replaced of course.

Do you really know why you want to change the pickups? I do a lot of pickup swapping, sometimes just out of curiosity, but I always have a clear idea of why I'm doing it; my favourite guitar, a Vietnamese Peavey, still has it original super-cheap pickups. It is easy to confuse "more expensive" or "different"with "better".

If you can define what is wrong with your current pickups with regard to tone, you might get some good advice on choosing alternatives.