Hey everyone, so I wanted to ask a quick question. I really want the Orange OR15 with a PPC112 cabinet but I really can’t afford it right now. So I was considering possibly selling my Blackstar ID: Core 10 practice amp, my Vox AD60VT w/ Foot Controller, and maybe even my Tony Iommi Signature SG to muster up the cash for the amp. Is it worth selling all that gear or should I just save up?

Keep in mind, I'm just a bedroom Virtuoso right now lmao, sometimes I crank my amps and really go crazy but, a lot of time I do practice at lower volumes. I played the Orange and viewed plenty on demos but I'm still not sure if it's worth trading in all that gear for it. The Vox is great and I got it for free, but it just doesn't have the bite and bark that the OR15 does. Stoner Rock and Doom sound so tight on the Orange. The gain is very fizzy on the Vox, it's very versatile though.

I'm very keen on Orange amps and want my next amp to be a good platform for experimenting with pedals, I kind of want to move on from tiny 10 watt practice amps & modeling amplifiers as thats where most of my experience with amps lies. The Crush Pro series is Solid State but uses analog circuitry so in theory they do operate similar to valve amps just a lower volumes. I'm not gigging or anything so I don't need a monstrously loud amp, although I do really want the OR15. That thing sounds amazing to me.
just save up. if you are anything like me (probably most of us) if you compromise you will regret it and it will cost you more in the end. just be patient.
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Shameless cr120h plug here

I love my crush pro. But if your heart is set on the OR15, then save up. It will be worth the wait.
I love Orange's stuff. It's worth it!

Edit to add:
The crush series gets HELLA loud. The head running through my 4x12 is Good for most gigs at 3 and a half on the volume, but can get whisper quiet too. Has the doom sound right out of the box. Takes an od well on the gain channel for more modern metal tones.

As much as I love it, I still say get the OR if you can. But if you can, try out both!
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The Crush is nothing like the real tube Oranges, while not a bad solid state amp...it does leave a lot to be desired.

How about trying one of the smaller heads, like the Dark Terror with a 2x12 cab?
It feels like you're just spending too much for bedroom practice and recording and that setup is overkill...or start looking at used ads...

I just finished this doom song, if interested I'd be happy to share what I used on it:
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This might be stretching it here, but what about an Orange Micro Dark with a PPC112? I played/liked what I've seen about that amp. Affordable, portable, takes pedals well, partly valve, plenty loud, and high gain? I've heard some people having issues with popping noises in the FX loop but it seems like a great choice for me. Lack of a three-band EQ doesn't seem like it'd be too much of an issue. An EQ Pedal could easily fix that. Earthquaker Devices Tone Job? Boss- GE7?

It's gotten pretty positive reviews.
anthonymarisc I played through one. Sounds best through a good 12 inch speaker so that combo would work. I'm partial to the mxr 10 band eq, it's on my to buy list.
Keep in mind, when pushing the volume, it may not keep the low end and thin out a bit, but for bedroom stuff it should give you what you want.
Uggggghhh I'm so torn, Micro Dark vs CR60C? Honestly I don't play clean stuff that much. Mostly Mastodon, Electric Wizard, stuff like that.
anthonymarisc If you almost never play clean, the MD would be fine.
If you can, get to a music shop and A/B both amps.
Then wait a day or two, or even a week. See if your heart longs for one of them. Then go back and do it again.
That should help you get what you really want. You need to please your ears and heart!

Over a span of 3 months I would play every amp in my price range, and every time I came back to the cr. That's how I knew.
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If there's an used section, look up the Tiny Terror combo, that should go for about $400 used. Honestly, I wouldn't go for the Orange ss stuff. I know it is cheap but it is a sound I outgrow fast.

Keep in mind I'm mostly playing at bedroom volumes. I'm not gigging or anything, although I am getting more comfortable riding the volume knob. The OR15 is really my dream amp, though I'd also consider a Dark Terror or maybe lower lower wattage tube offering from them. I've been very pleased by almost all the Orange stuff I've played. Even the SS stuff, and for what it's worth the Crush Pro series is analogue, not digital. The CR120 is a really good amp for the money.
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The CR120 is a really good amp for the money.

I would agree. Mine stays fat from bedroom to stage volume. It even records well.
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I would agree. Mine stays fat from bedroom to stage volume. It even records well.

I've been looking at the CR120 combo lately, but none of my local shops has them for me to try out. They might have the head version though I'm not sure.
anthonymariscThe only reason I got the head was I already had a cab, and the combo is open backed. But the combo does sound good. I just wanted my cab.

I Also run it through a gutted spider can for at home practice.
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