here comes quantum language dialectic
the inside of inside jokes 
squirm like:
       dead medics morphine pumped into the veins at last

the inside of inside jokes;
sacred inference pumping screeching brakes for a
       bloodletted swan quill, trapped in the well of the ink jar 
tether to the injuries of bad malonic synthesis;
        polymer-stretch dialect you
        see- anti-everything wishes to be something
new war;
genghis takes his last avarice
into the transcendental illuminating
you see it's finally 
       feeling; dead medic liberated catastrophic like aaron barr,

       schrödinger's new cat to measure deliberate ambiguity:
       pathetic, you see the words too far away
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This is a style that hasn't been seen here in some time.

I don't quite follow the name drops in this (title, 'barr').

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching


jaime meline = el-p, former owner of def-jux, ex-member of company flow

ian bavitz = aesop rock, former member of def-jux

when the whole abstracted, alt-rap thing came about these two seemed to me to be the core proponents of the style

aaron barr = former ceo of security firm hbgary, thought he had uncovered an hierarchy of members of anon + their identities. anon dismissed his accusations, saying that the names of the 'members' he collected were innocent people and that any connection he found between these people and anon were purely coincidental/deluded (correlation doesn't mean causation etc etc). they consequently hacked hbgary and said that unless he stepped down, their attacks on the security firm would continue.
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