My friend has a few Squier P-Bass's he wants me to pretty up..WAnts better pups in two of them..Now,I'm a guitar guy,know nothing about bass pickups..What's a good place to look? Seems my usual "guys" only have guitar pickups.Are the pups even worth changing unless I spend 180 bucks or more ringtones?
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Why bother, spend the money on a J-retro active kit.
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It's up to your buddy if it's worth it or not. If he really likes his Squiers and just wants to tweak the tone and hotrod them, then changing out to some good pickups would be worth a look.

If he's looking for a significantly better bass though, or for something totally different than a P bass he's better off saving up his pennies for a new bass. A pickup swap is not going to turn a Precision into something it's not.

I'd suggest taking a look at Best Bass Gear's selection of Precision pickups: http://www.bestbassgear.com/precision-bass.htm
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^this. And if he's looking to tweek the tone, it would be helpful to know what he doesn't like about his current one, and what he's looking for.

The SD Quarter Pounders get recommended a bit and they're affordable. I have a set in my AccuBass. But if he isn't looking for a bright and punchy tone, its the wrong way to go.
I've just bought a very scruffy Squier P-Bass; my intention is to use it as a playpen to try bits out on and see how things go.

I've got a feeling that, in a year or so I'll have changed every part of it and be proclaiming it's like my old broom (only changed the handle twice and the head three times, but it's still going strong!).