Hey guys can you help me out with this,

So me and my friends stared jamming one day and we jammed in the chord progression of Em , C , G , D
it sounded good but then i added G# to the Em chord on the g string and made that E maj , it became somewhat cool yet tragic sounding, an i started to build a random solo however the problem is that i played the solo in E aeolian it was ok but when i added G# at the 13th fret 3rd string to this E aeolian it now matched the chords ,
the New chord progression is E,C,G,D
( the change was somewhat like this http://www.filedropper.com/newsongintro )
( This was the solo i played at that time http://www.filedropper.com/jamintrosolomp3cutnet

[p.s it was random and the rec. quality is not good because it was recorded with a phone mic when we were jamming]

> the first thing i want to know is what is the name of this scale? if it has one :


> The second thing i wanna know is how this this scale fits over inspite of all chords being major now? ,

> The third thing is : How can solo over these chord changes? please help me out

the solo i played during the jam session , was just random and was based on that scale i mentioned above , after sometime i threw some maj arpeggios like Cmaj , Emaj7 arpeggios etc to extend the solo which again sounded awesome, and

> finally the last thing my noob ass wanna know is which arpeggios, modes , scales etc should i incorporate to improve the solo more?

sorry is these questions beginner, Thanks
and feel free to correct me on any thing , because i am here to learn

Thank You.

About me :

i am a self taught guitarist , i learned guitar by analysing videos of some other guitarist, i can play various things and have numerous techniques like sweep picking, alternate picking , lagato, hybrid picking, two handed tapping , some string skipping stuff in my arsenal, i already learnt scales,modes some basic music theory like notes in a scales and all that stuff , but i am not good at it thobecause nobody taught me, i learn by myself,
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> The third thing is : How can solo over these chord changes? please help me out

Play some notes and see if they sound good. If they dont, adjust until it sounds good. Or, you can switch modes when you get to the chord changes if you want.

This thread should really be in the music theory section tho.
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gorkyporkythanks for the answer man, yeah i will try to matchup chord tones, and i noticed that 5ths and 3rds sound good could you recommend some arpeggios like dim stuff which fit over these?
This isnt really the place for music theory. This subforum is mostly for guitar gear. If you want quicker help I suggest you request this thread moved to guitar techniques or make a new one there and delete this one.
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Don't shotgun the forums, posting it in four different places is just annoying, especially when it's clearly not the right forum for the question.