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Although I'm new, i have a rough idea of what i want.. i want my guitar to have HH Pickups, i don't have an artist that i like, although i like to cover Japanese songs (be it in English or Japanese itself) with the guitar sounding like this
The question is what should i spend the money on both the guitar,amp & effect, since i'll be playing more often in my room and will change the tune often.. i think maybe a no Floyd Rose Bridge, a combo speaker and multi effect would suffice, I'm currently in Indonesia

I've been learning the acoustic for 7 years, I'm a fingerstylist with a Lakewood M-45 Custom at hand
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I say spend the better part of that on a good amp that is going to be the major link in your tone chain and try to leave enough to get a used guitar (if there is a used market where you are) buying used you will get a better model of guitar than you would spending the same for a lower model that is new.

In fact buying a used amp is a good idea too you will get a much better quality rig going used if it is possible there are guides here and elswhere to educate yourself in how to know what to look for when buying used equipment.

If you are having doubts about getting a Floyd equipped guitar then don't especially if you plan to change tunings often and this may allow you to get an even better guitar if you go used because hard tail guitars are typically cheaper than tremolo axes.
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I have to disagree with Evilnine in this case.

Your "major link" in your tone chain is probably going to be the multi-effect pedal you choose, and you'll have a lot of choices of "tone" with that. I run a pair of studio monitors (powered KRK Rokit 8's) with any multi-effect (I have several) that has amp and cabinet sims.

I've also got a good set of cans (headphones) that carry that clean sound over for when you really want to practice at 2 am and if you do, someone will probably chuck a pitchfork through your window. You don't need to spend over $100 (well, here in the US anyway) on a set that is as good as they come (Sony 7506, AKG 240, Sennheiser 280, Beyerdynamic 770, etc.) and studio quality. Just avoid the DJ-type bass-heavy "beats" style headphones.

I'd also pay more attention to the guitar, particularly since you're new to electric. I honestly don't believe in "beginner" guitars (my first was a Gibson ES-335). The guitar is your instrument (not the amp). It's where the rubber meets the road. It's home base for every bit of technique you'll develop. The good news is that you live at a time when you can buy really good guitars for relatively low money. Probably the most important thing you can choose is a versatile instrument that is really well set up (or find someone who does an amazing job of setting up guitars and pay him to do yours). Some artists have the same guitar throughout their careers, but what they plug into can change often. Consider things like the scale you prefer (the choices are usually 25.5" or 24.75"). If you've got large hands, see what it's like playing high on the neck. I discovered early on that if I were going up there, neither Gibson LPs nor Strats were my favorite choices; both have clunky neck heels that get in the way. I also discovered that the cool recurved horns of an SG and even the relatively benign cutaway horn on an LP forced me to rotate my fretting hand to play up top. I eventually steered toward guitars that had smooth neck heels, and even the LP-ish guitars I play have stubby cutaway horns that stay out of the way. You should also pay attention to headstocks. LP-style headstocks require special attention to stay in tune, thanks to the angles of the strings leaving the nut. Straight pull headstocks that don't have a lot of back angle are always easier to keep in tune.

If you're moving to electric for the first time, a Floyd Rose is probably just going to be a distraction, and if you think you're going to be changing tuning often, moreso. I'm not a fan of changing tuning often on a single guitar (particularly if it involves changing tension on the strings), and honestly, what you can do in that regard is pretty limited. I eventually bought a Line 6 Variax JTV-89f guitar, whose modeling firmware allows me to change tuning to virtually anything (even with a Floyd Rose onboard) without ever touching the string tension. Do a little research on those guitars if you plan on spending a lot of time in alternate tunings.

And finally, if you live in Indonesia and you have the opportunity, go find Ceriatone and meet Nik Azam. If you *do* get addicted to tube amps somewhere along the line and if you *can* identify just one that you really like, pay Nik whatever he asks to get one hand-wired. Don't settle for the crap that high-volume manufacturers stuff into the local guitar stores.
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Evilnine makes a good point about the amp, The best guitar in the world will still sound like crap through a crappy amp, whereas a killer amp will make the lowliest of guitars still sound pretty good, As to a bedroom practice amp there's many to choose from, In your case a modeling amp would be ideal. as you'll get tons of built in effects, and many will have options to download new ones from the manufactures website or app, Brand is a matter of preference, But I'd suggest nothing under a 10 inch speaker yet 12 would be better, as that's ultimately where your sound comes from. In my opinion anything that comes from a 6 inch sounds like crap,
As to guitars, Well the fact of the matter is, Its actually getting harder to find a bad one, As the manufactures today have really stepped up they're game in the quality department as of late. Brand is really unimportant, Got a dollar says the Ibanez that guy is playing was made in Indonesia or China along with dozens of other brand names, Meaning the logo on the headstock only effects design not quality or country of manufacture, Ah yes the wonderful world of globalization and outsourcing,
So now its just a matter of the features your looking for, and it would seem you already have some preferences and a budget that's totally workable for some really decent gear, Provided $1500 in Indonesia is comparable to $1500 in the US,
So now on to, If you mean change tune often, as in alternate tunings, Yes avoiding any Floating Bridge Vibrato system will be a very good idea, Some other systems take to it a bit better but can still be problematic, So if the need to alternate tune and dive bombing is important then save yourself some grief and just buy a peddle that alters pitch and use a guitar with a hard or stop tail type bridge,
As to currently in Indonesia, I have no idea what's available in Indonesia, I know some folks in other parts of the world have a hell of a time getting decent gear at a reasonable price, Tariffs, Taxes and duties make certain goods very expensive and out of reach for many, if available at all, meaning what I can get for $1500 may be far different than what you can get.
ScorpionX3 How many different tunings would you be using? Because a Line 6 Variax might be worth looking at.
Thank you all for the reply and suggestion! i really appreciate it!

@nastytroll that's an interesting piece of information! noted,, yeah i'm one of those folks , so apparently there's a really limited choices of electric guitars here (most are yamaha & cort, even ibanez is a myth here.. as in models beyond $300 are harder to find) i have a hard time finding a decent one... since alot of models that i want needs to be ordered first and could take months (ugh!), so i went with Yamaha Revstar 620, and Blackstar ID:Core as an amp combo.. i will definitely change it to a $1000 amp head & cab later... cause i live in an apartment atm so.. here's the review of my guitar

@dspellman I too don't belive in beginner's guitar, i bought Revstar 620, Blackstar ID:Core & Distortion Pedal, BIAS FX Pro Standalone (Effect, Amp and Cab Sim), Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 and Sennheiser 558 HD (Doubt my Beats Studio Wireless Pro would work) if i dont want pitch forks flying though my windows. i do a thorough research on bias fx and i think it'll suit for a beginner like me before i go physical. My laptop is ROG G752 so definitely able to handle these task, line 6 variax also a myth here.. as in no one knew it exists, thats why everytime i bought an acoustic-electric guitar is either i buy it at Tom Lee's Music Centre at hkg(Bought my Martin GPCPA4 Rosewood & Taylor 814ce here).. or straight to the dealer like my Lakewood M-45 C, which is also in hkg.. i also bought a silent violin way back at Tom Lee's. most of music center here doesn't even know Silent V's exist. I will check Nik Azam, Ty!

@evilnin thank you for your advice! yeah i saw on yt cheap amp vs exp guitar or the opposite so i have a picture.
Sadly there's no secondhand market here, and i also don't like buying second hand.. no offense but i don't like taking risks regarding musical instrument and are very picky on it's condition

@luke.g.henderso not sure but will change quite a lot, even ibanez is a myth here.. let alone line 6 , i'll check it out later, for now i just need to be able to play some songs on the eg, i'm still waiting for my Sennheiser 558 HD.
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I see you bought a Revstar. That should be a decent option.

However even though I'm late to the thread, I will say for your future reference, some of your local Indonesian brands like Radix and Swing are worth considering.
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dannyalcatraz Hey! thanks for joining in! and yeah.. wow i knew radix since 2010 and till now i had no interest in their work, don't know why but partly because of its name which i'm not really fond of, but Swing! checked it out and it sounds as cool as its name! i might want to check their custom shop out, i always love stuff which originates from korea!

Swing Vid:

Good playing in both vids!

Judging by the DBZ & other figures in the background, it looks like she's an anime fan.

(Just saiyan...)
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!