Hey guys, I'm brand new to these forums. I have a 60's Teisco del rey with some uncommon quirks that I'm rewiring completely. This is my first time doing guitar wiring, and I'm looking for some solid advice on this forum.

There are a few things about this guitar that need to be spoken of before I go on.

1. The original setup consists of 2 pickups, 2 separate ON/OFF switches (one for each pickup), 2 tone pots, and NO Volume control.
2. The pickups (on which I'm changing the lead wires) are 2-wire versions, with a third wire soldered on the baseplate for grounding. They have the 2 lead wires going RIGHT INTO THE COIL that are held in place by some sort of vintage tape. This is unlike most pickups that have mounting points of some sort.
3. I want to set it up as follows: I want to add a volume control - 1 volume knob control controlling both pickups, and keep 1 tone knob to control both pickups. I also want to keep the 2 individual pickup switches.
4. The pickups are so microphonic you can use them to give presidential speeches.

I've drawn up a schematic from what I could understand from my own research into this, but I wanna be sure before I start soldering. You can see in the diagram (attached) there's a question mark scribbled because I'm not sure if the 2 switches need to be attached together there.

Please find attached a word document containing all of the pictures of what I'm describing.

What I need to know most importantly is will this schematic will work? And also what should I make sure to do when replacing the pickup's lead wires without damaging the coil?
As far as the microphonic issue goes, I'm putting insulated wire for the rewiring. Hopefully that'll do it without me having to wax-pot the pickups which I really want to avoid. Are there any other insulation tricks you guys know of that could help?

All answers are appeciated (if the attachment doesn't open let me know)
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Ok I see, the only thing I don't understand though is when you said the black wire should be soldered to the plate, I know black is the usual color for ground wire and that would be correct but does it make a difference if it's not? Is black ground wire a different material than regular wire or is it all the same thing?
Either way, I'll be replacing that wire. I know the red one goes to the switches but where does the second one go?
kabadi.man So if I understand correctly you're saying the red of each pickup goes to their respective switch, the second pickup wires should go soldered to the back of the volume pot casing, and the grounds should go from the pickup backplates to one of the leads on the volume pot, right?
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