A lot of us here are concert goers and enjoy the experiences we have had at concerts (At least the ones we remember). I wanted to ask your opinion on something that would interest members of the concert community and no I am not here to spam you with a product I made. There's an app called "My Ticket Life" available for iOS and Android that I created. I would love your opinion on what would have made you download the app if it weren't for me posting here.

The app allows you to upload tickets of the shows you have been too. This ranges from concerts, to sports, to anything with a ticket. So if you saw Motley Crue back in 1984 and you have that ticket stub that is almost faded and a bunch of pictures of you and Nikki Sixx sharing a bottle of Jack, you could upload those photos under the event "Motley Crue." The event makes you put in the date and the venue as well. This helps arrange all your tickets in a digital scrapbook. It is different than other social medias because this focuses on your memories and stores each concert or whatever it was as a specific event. You aren't going to post 50 pictures on Instagram of the same concert. This allows you to post all 50 pictures without a cluttered profile. You could also make an Album called Motley Crue that stores every Crue event in date order. This would be great for Grateful Deadfans, Phish fans, or anyone that follows a band around. It also allows you to connect with other fans and concert goers.

What would make you download this app for those that collect tickets? What would make you start collecting tickets? Would it be word of mouth? Would it be a tent at Warped Tour or some other festival? Would it be a musician like Nikki Sixx or someone of that nature posting it on Twitter? I am just trying to get your feedback on this specifically. You do not have to answer with something I suggested.

A bonus would be if you checked the app out! I would love to tell anyone more about the app if they are interested.

Thanks! (Hope I didn't break any forum rules!)
If it was instagram I'd download it
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meh i have enough concert apps

i already use bandsintown and Live Nation app
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