Hi there. I've tried to get help with this before but am still having problems. My rig: Peavey 6505, Noise Gate, Overdrive, Digitech Drop Tune, Mesa 4x12 Cab, and I use two guitars; an esp e-ii m-1 with an emg 85, and a schecter 8 string with emg 808's. I've tried lots of different ways to eliminate feedback such as: proper muting, a fret dampener, a noise gate, turning down the gain to 2, turning down the volume, facing the amp and cabinet away from me, standing further away from the amp (currently 10 feet away), etc. But, the problem still persists. It only happens when I play the guitar but even when I mute the strings after I play them, the feedback sometimes continue to persist for a good 5 seconds. I got it professionally checked out for micro-phonic tubes and everything like that, and they replaced a few power tubes. Still, no fix. Please offer an opinion on what I can try. Thank you
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Well if it's as you are saying and your amp is still feeding back with a noise gate, turning the gain down and standing away from the cabinet, I would guess that maybe one of your PREAMP (not power amp since you said they replaced them) tubes are microphonic. It could be something else but that's what I would be thinking.
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if the tubes aren't microphonic then you may have an issue with the preamp section of your amp itself. have you tried just plugging in your guitar without all the other stuff to see what happens? their may be an issue with one of your pedals as well. I'd do a process of elimination to see what's up (provided that the obvious answer, microphonic preamp tube)
Where is your gate in the chain? Place it after your OD if you can. Or even in the fx loop.
Its after the overdrive, right before the amp. I tried placing it in the fx loop but it didnt seem to change anything.
You need to start narrowing things down.

What happens with just the guitar into the amp, nothing in the FX loop?
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keenanboianghu what gate and od do you have?
Try removing the od from the chain, then the gate, see if removing one will kill the feed back.

Also, try the gate in front of the od. I have to run mine that way because my loop over powers my NS2 and my od doesn't allow the gate to close when I want.
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