Hi guys and gals,
Howdy from Texas!

Started audio recording on analog reel to rell, then moved slowly to digital in the dawn of the computer revolution, first on ADAT digital (Alesis, DAT, Tascam).
Since no one in local studios could visualize what our band was hearing in its head, I also moved to audio production, read up a bunch, took a few audio recording courses, built a few recording machines with a friend in the dawn on computers (M-Audio Delta 1010 on Windows 98, dual 450Mhz Pentium II server board...with 512mbs or RAM...woohoo!) . Over time even had a full time job as audio engineer for a few years, running Pro Tools on the big Mac towers, moved to Mac for the home studio for a while, then switched back to Windows.

I've built numerous Windows machines, now Windows 7, 8 and 10 but have some Mac knowledge as well.

On the software side - I've pretty much worked with them all, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, Mixcraft, Studio One, Digital Performer, Ableton, Audacity, Reaper, Tracktion, N-Track, Nuendo, Sonar, Acid, Adobe Audition, T-Racks, etc...Currently I am running Studio One as my main DAW, but still have some projects in Sonar and Cubase that I am slowly migrating/remixing, as well as collaborating with a buddy on Mixcraft 5 since that is what he uses.

I use some digital and analog modeling software as well, currently EZDrummer and Amplitube as my main ones but am pretty much familiar with most of the packages on the market (Stephen Slate Drums, BFD, Battery, Ocean Way Drums, etc.) as well as some open source solutions like Hydrogen.

Not too crazy on synths but have used a few so maybe I can help on there as well. I've worked with NI's and IK's products for the most part.

Hardware: installed and built numerous machines, firewire, USB, PCI, PCIe, Thunderbolt, etc.

I arrived at UG in 2005 after a friend suggested it and have been active ever since. I used to run several recording forums on the web over the years, was very active on Guitar World's forum and even had my own gear page on a similar to UG platform to which most of the GuitarWorld forum gravitated after they closed their own forum. I successfully transitioned that page to Facebook and ran it on there for a few years as well. I am a straight shooter and sometimes that might've rubbed some people the wrong way, especially some older grizzled veterans on here, but I believe we've settled our differences and have grown as a community since then.

Finally, you can just read my contribution to the Recording forum and I guess that will be the best way to find out whether I can do a good job.

Good luck to all the candidates!
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what the recording section not enough for you , you greedy bastard . I see some tough competition which will only make this section better.
Wow, that sounds pretty serious. What is your view on the placebo affect relating to the cost of gear vs. the actual quality/goodness/playability of that gear?

Two examples:

1. This piece of gear is $X more expensive than it's competitors so it must be the best.
2. This piece of gear sucks. It was given to me. Oh wait, this piece of gear is worth $2,000! It's freakin awesome!
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Bobbo, it'll be fun

@Mingee - there's a lot of marketing Cool aid. For example, best USA made Gibson I've ever paid is made by Gustavson. Artisan luthier guitar just under $3k that blew the $6k range by Gibson clear out of the water.

Overall I find that above certain price point you're paying a lot for very little improvement.
Used to be the $1k range for guitar few years ago, now it has shifted to the $2k range.
Same thing goes with amplifiers. You can rarely tell me you need more than a $1k amp.
my vote can be bought ...lol .... just in case you don't think I'll vote for ya
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