I just finished jamming with my Fender parts-caster, and I'm so impressed with my new set up I wanted to share; I ordered a loaded Strat pickguard from Dragonfire. It's the H-S-S Dragonfire phat screamers with the optional BCU control. Price was only $100. I must say, the pickups all sound great. When BCU is engaged, opens up so many tonal options. When I "sweep" the potentiometer, the humbucker can go from single coil "snap" to hot overdriven humbucker, kind of like using a nice overdrive. With a single coil pickup, sweeping the knob gives ranges of EQ, most notably the midrange, and when it is turned to full counterclockwise, sounds like a humbucker. Instead of the usual 5-way option of tones, I now can add almost unlimited choices relative to where I turn the knob when BCU is engaged. With my limited income, I can't be happier with how this guitar sounds now. I grab that guitar first when I want strat sounds. I may order another of same in the H-S-H version to try someday. Now for Telecaster, I'm still searching for the right pickups. So far I'm thinking of getting the GFS Fatbody set. Somehow Seymour Duncan isn't quite fitting the bill on Tele sounds for me so far and I've tried two different sets. Cheers!