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Psychotronic movie is a term coined by film critic Michael J. Weldon—referred to by a fellow critic as "the historian of marginal movies"—to denote the sort of low-budget genre pictures that are generally disdained or ignored entirely by the critical establishment.

The kind of wtf movies you see on at 2 am on retro tv stations.

Since this is a metal forum, we'll obviously need the album equivalents of these movies. Obscure, low-budget albums with a unifying theme/imagery of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. Endeavors of creativity just a few cards short of a full deck, destined for the 'miscellaneous' section of the record store shelf from the moment it was conceptualized.

On this week's edition of Saturday Night Psychotronics..

They took our men and women with only a glance. Cold creatures that live a millenia, maybe more. Only records and tall tales.. but here! HERE we see them come alive once again. Were they ever dead at all?

Their coffins creak to break off the shutness, the sound alone would make God itself shiver, blessed be and holy as he is.. . But these are no beings by God's will. Hideous...

Trop Feross

Here we have a group of vampires who make metal music. What a weird thought, what's weirder is that they have a lot of over the top theatrics and take directly from the USPM scene of the late 80s. Riff driven, dramatic, cheesy, and...Mediocre.

But they fizzled out. This shows so much potential, like a vampiric symphony or play. Taking most of their influence from heavy metal, and theater. Doesn't sound horrible, but maybe it was never meant to be. They only have one release which I'll link. It's a little incoherent, like they had some really good ideas but didn't have the know-with-all to fully flesh it out.

What we have is still joyous. Some entrancing vocals that bully their way to the forefront, but not so much to drown everything else out. Cheese that makes them very cool I think, very different and over the top. La Marche Du Chevalier Blanc is a stand-out track (saying it's the last bit about 11 minutes in onwards) with a very surreal atmosphere to it, a big drum solo heavy instrumental track. Obviously I love the vocals if I haven't mentioned.

Essentially, this album was determined to hit the stage and that's where most of their focus went.

Anyways, enjoy!

Coming to a listening box near you!
10/15: P1ayingW1thF1re
10/22: KytoKILLnesis
Haha, this is fucking perfect! Exactly the kind of stuff I was thinking of. Crash-and-burn heavy metal vampire opera. Move over, Nosferatu! The theatrical vibes put it over the top. The black-and-white imagery channeling those corny drive-in horror flicks. The riffs aren't bad actually, and the bass is pretty interesting. Those falsetto shrieks from the vocalist are great. Too bad this is all they ever released.

6 vampire bats out of 7

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I listened to their mini-album twice and did not grow disgusted, which must mean that it's pretty okay. The songs are indeed mediocre and basic, but at least the music is competent, inspired, and not immediately offensive. I like the vocals, a good amount of the riffs, and the fact that the bass is loud. The Edvard Grieg "cover" song was a little too silly for me though, haha.

I invented a false etymology for their band name: Trop Féross < Troupe Ferrous < Troupe of Iron < Heavy Metal Band