Hi everyone. This is my first post in UG, although I've used tabs here for quite some time.
I know to to read tabs and chords. I can play basic chords along with a song or learn a popular song.
I DON'T know guitar theory. Heck, I only know some of the notes at the end of the neck.
I know that one-on-one lessons are probably the best way to go, but at almost 30 years old and on a budget, that's probably not the most efficient way to go.

Can anyone recommend a comprehensive DVD/Youtube/Book or source that teaches the notes of the guitar, along with scales, and music theory?
For example, when I was learning the piano a few year's back, I used the book Adult All-In-One Course: Lesson-Theory-Technic: Level 1 and it had all of the techniques, and theory to get me started to reading music and playing the piano. It's a really good series (3 books) that's kind of like a program.
I would really like to find something like that for guitar.

One of my short/long term goal is to be able to play along a blues or rock backing track. I've learned some positions of the Am pentatonic, and just playing notes from that note to a blues backing track is very fun. I have a blast doing that.

Thanks for reading