Of late I've been diving into blues and funk, for some reason. What I currently enjoy listening to are for example Joe Satriani (Would love to find more artists like him eg. Eric Johnson, Andy Timmons GIVE ME MORE LIKE THIS) Bernard Allison (Not sure if this is funk but regardless of that I would like to find more like this), Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, BB King.. When searching for artists related to Joe Satriani I keep finding artists that are (in my opinion) random copies of Satriani and Eddie Van Halen.. I usually find new music just by using Spotify's related artists and If I find albums that are a collection of a certain genre's songs I just check it out and if I'm into the artists I visit their page.. I might be a bit lazy but I'm sure you guys know a lot more and understand (at least I hope) what kind of things I'm looking for.
I'm a bit confused - none of those artists you mentioned are really funk guitarists (except for maybe Hendrix to a degree). I was thinking more in the line of Nile Rodgers, Leo Nocentelli, Al McKay, etc.
Sayonara6String Yeah I know but I just thought I'd expand the whole topic to get more out of the whole thing at once.. Not all of them represent blues/funk but I just thought I'd give more artists to make your job easier :P
Buckethead. Seriously, you like creative and intricate guitarists and you have OVER 250 albums to choose from with this incredible artist. He is by far the best guitarist since Jimi Hendrix by the way, so, I'd be surprised if you don't find SOMETHING of his that you absolutely fall in love with.