I've gotten bored of hard rock and wanna dive into the heavier stuff. I dont know much about metal/heavy music, but i went to a Deftones concert a few months ago and it was probably the best concert ive ever went to. Anyway, do you guys have any tips for how to sound like them?
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The best thing to do is to study their music. Learn their songs and analyze them. Look for patterns that show up -- similar elements or ideas that are frequently present in their songs. That's probably the best way to approach learning to sound like anybody.
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I'd suggest both learning while analyzing some Deftones songs and researching Nu-Metal (their genre), Extreme Metal genres, and maybe Funk (can't hurt). You got learn their songs and about their genre before you can play like them (this applies to most bands). Theogonia777's tip was helpful as well.
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Super Buu (DBZ) on assimilation (it could also apply to blues guitar and guitar soloing in general).
They also tune down like mofos. I think one guitar in Bb or something, and another 8-string almost an octave down in F.

And a lot of their stuff uses pretty full chords, maybe check out their White Pony (all in drop-C# I believe), and look at how they use major chord inversions, open strings. Also the drums does a lot for Deftones songs by being a bit off-kilter and not the usual 1-a-2-a-3-a-4-a with emphasis on 1 & 3.

Good luck!