I have been playing off and on for 16 years now.. I have dated a lot of amps and gear over that time.. Everything ranging from the impulse, one night stands like little crappy $99.00 Line 6 Spider amp that I thought sounded great in Guitar center, but then after taking her home for the night and waking up the next morning asking myself wtf was I thinking, returning it for a refund immediatley folllwed by taking my guitar to get checked out for any TTDs, (Tone Transmitted Diseases) after plugging him into something so hideous..

Other amps like the 6505 Plus.. ahh, ole Peavey.. Our fling lasted a bit longer than expected and things were going great.. Until one day, she came home and caught me red handed looking at Tinder of the amp world (ebay) and found this beautiful Mesa Mark V I have been flirting with online for months.. Needless to say, she was not happy and our relationship ended..

Upon Miss Mesa's arrival, I thought at the time it was love at first sight. I really thought she was "the one", me and her stayed together for 6 months and going months thinking I found the one of my dreams.. Until one day, on Youtube, I stumble across something amazing.. I like to think of it as the open marriage of the guitar tone world.. A processor! None other than the Line 6 POD Pro X.

I mean this cat in this video had multiple lovers all at his finger tip. I mean just right there.. A Dual Rectifier with the freedom of pairing it with virtually any cab?! A Engl fireball?! Bogner Uberschall, Marshall 82! Then the cab selection, oh the cab selection.. All this right at your fingertips! Oh and dont even get me started on the countless EQ options, the noise gates etc etc.

Needless to say, me and Mesa broke it off, I had to explain to her that Tone monogomy just wasnt for me. So I ditched the amps and cabs, I have been dating Miss Line 6 POD now for two months and couldnt be happier.. Sounds amazing, looks sexy and doesnt complain about my non tone monogomous lifestyle as I try the endless sound possibilities with this thing..

NOW with all that being said, I still find myself chasing the perfect tone within this beauty.. Although I will also say that this unit is BY FAR miles closer to giving me satisfying tone as opposed to regular amps. Does anyone else dial in what you think is the perfect tone, only a week or so later ask yourself what you were thinking by actully thinking it sounded good?!
I'm also a keyboard player. There are literally thousands of options on my Korg Kronos, and I use lots of them. Because I work on a lot of different projects, I've also used a lot of different guitar sounds, I own several modelers and that's never felt unusual to me. What IS a bit curious to me is that there are a few guitar players who keep trying to find just one "tone." That just seems boring.

Even when I was using only tube amps, I had a Mesa Triaxis and Carvin Quad-X preamps to work with. The former has almost every kind of Mesa circuit right up through the Mk IV and the latter has four channels, up to 11 gain stages, active controls, assignable 5-band active EQ, *six* different FX loops, built-in boost and reverb, nine(!) 12AX7 tubes and more.
I feel your pain, Although my Roland GR-55 guitar synth does ease it a bit, Maybe not the best choice for someone with a short attention span, Not only sounds that are completely unnatural to guitar, also amp and guitar modeling along with any effect chain your little heart could desire,
Nah i'm pretty much a two tone guy.Clean and dirty.I dial it in and stick with it.
If i'm playing my Blues jnr i have an od pedal in front or if im on my Orange CR120H i'm sweet.3 reverbs and nice tone.
variety is the spice of life and I certainly us more than 1 tone. nothing wrong with using different guitars and amps to get different sounds. I do try to get amps that will yield a variety of tones though so I don't have to go nuts buying a bunch t get different sounds. OP you kinda made the Mesa sound lie a 1 trick pony which it certainly isn't. perhaps you need to spend more time exploring different tones within the amps you buy.
That is why I plan to keep my Vypyr. Most of the time I run the 6505 mode, but if I want to try country, the Twin amp mode works well. Now, this isn't to say it's a perfect comparison, but getting to compare different amps at will is nice.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer
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i am a whore. as soon as i get off, i pull out and go to the next.

however i keep the ladies around. 18 tube amps at the moment, as well as 19-20 electric guitars, and heard of vintage classical guitars. i have kicked a few to the curb though in the last decade.
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I kinda do this, but I kinda don't - there's typically one kind of sound that I go for, but I do spend a lot of time playing with different ways to get there using different gear. The resulting sound usually ends up pretty similar in context but there's always a totally different feel that affects my approach to playing... I guess it's a way of keeping things fresh.

My current thing is - Plugging a strat or a tele and a germanium fuzz face into the normal channel of my Vox AC30. And then backing the volume control on the guitar down to the point where it has clean articulation and an open dynamic range but still a fair amount of grit and edge too. then turning it up when I want more sustain. Simple, I like it, at the moment :P
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I have owned several amps during my time playing music off and on for 30 years mostly I was chasing tone when I was younger because I had cheaper amps. I currently have a 6505+ which is great at what it does: High Gain and the cleans are meh it is IMO a pne trick pony that excels at what it does.

I also have a Mesa Dual Rec Roadster 2X12 combo that is my go to amp. I am older and do not gig or even play in a band so I can't really justify spending a lot of money chasing tone the Mesa ia a great all around amp it does vintage and modern high gain well plus crunch and overdrive and crystall clear cleans it is perfect for what I do which is play around in my jam room at home.

If I had the money I would try to compete with trashlostfdup or Ippon for king of the tube amps but I like to travel with my wife now that are kids are grown and have moved out and I can't afford to do both.
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