I've been playing my Dean bass through an Acoustic Lead Series G10 amp for about half a year now and I love the tones I can get out of it, but I've started playing in a band recently and I don't believe that the amp's small size is going to do very well once we start playing gigs.

We play anything from pop-punk to metal and the lowest I've ever had to tune the bass to is Drop A#, although that's pretty rare and I usually only go down to Drop C, so I'm wondering what type of amp or amp/cab combination can get me the same tones (able to sustain anything from darkly subdued tones to punchy bright ones) for under $500?

I know the $500 budget kind of pushes the limits, but used equipment would work the same for me as new equipment would.
better to ask this in the bass forum, you'll get more and better answers
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If you like your Acoustic, and you live in the U.S.A., take a look at Acoustic's BN3112 combo. 300 watts; 1x12 Neo speaker; should be plenty for gigs - especially if you stick a microphone in front of it and go through the P.A. system.

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