I bought a Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar last weekend. It felt great to play, medium C neck and super low action with fresh-ish strings. However in the week since I've had it, the action now feels considerably higher and makes it feel cheap and less playable.
Can anyone tell me why this is and how to change it?
Thanks in advance
Sounds like the neck relief changed which can be reset to where it was with a truss rod adjustment.

Changes in temp and humidity affect the neck - that's what the truss rod is for.
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Thanks very much for the replies guys, and no strings have stayed the same, I think theyre quite light as the G isnt wound
How would I go about changing neck relief for higher temps then? Sorry I am a complete novice when it comes to guitar maintenance despite playing for 13 years haha!
Also, would a replacement Mustang bridge help so I can lower the action via the bridge? or is it better to adjust the neck?
Many thanks
solclayton2000 Think about the problem logically. If the bridge height was okay before the neck relief changed, what sense does it make to adjust the bridge now? Bridges aren't affected by humidity because they're made of metal, so by adjusting it you're actually compounding the problem.

So deductively, it only makes sense to adjust the neck relief.

And if you want to know how to do that? Click this link: http://bfy.tw/87ap
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