this might be better in the Bass section of the forum. also what gear you have might be helpful as well. for starters look up and see what Duff was using back then and start from there.
Well; he was pretty stable with respect to the gear he used in those days. He was a fan of GK bass amps and cabinets; he used the GK 400RB and 800RB amp and an Acoustic cabinet (old, original Acoustic amps) loaded with two 400-watt 15" (I believe) EV speakers on the Appetite for Destruction album. As of about two years ago, he switched to Fender Bassman amplifiers. For gain/overdrive, he used pedals; which one on that track (if any); I don't know. He always used a 1980s fender Jazz Bass Special, which was a Fender Precision Bass with a Jazz bass neck and a P-J pickup arrangement. He was so fond of this that Fender created a signature version of the bass for him, and I believe they still offer it.
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The difficulty with trying to emulate anyone's sound even if you have the exact duplicate of the guitar and amp used on the original recording, you are overlooking just how much additional processing was done after the recording was made when it got mixed down. I can almost guarantee that additional EQ and compression was used during mix down by the engineer/producer. You also need to consider the acoustics of the room it was recorded in and most of all the way Duff plays (his own feel and dynamics). I think about this anytime I see a question about "how do I get that tone". It's nice to try but don't get crazy if you can't get that close to someone's tone. Many musicians struggle to get their recorded sound duplicated in live situations.
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