Hey everybody!

Really need your help and wise tips. I am a begginer with electric guitars and considering buying a modified Fender Stratocaster. The seller says it has mexican neck and USA body. Humbucker in bridge and single coil near neck. He wants 400eur.

Besides, there is no serial numbers, which concerns me. He said that he bought the guitar 5 years ago and renewed it 2 years ago and it was painted over or something over the serial number. I will add some photos below.

Please help me to decide what to do, buy or not?



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Dunno, but I wouldn't pay that kind of money for an unmarked bitsa of uncertain provenance.

+1 unless he pulls the neck off and shows proof of the neck and body, i would stay away. even then it is questionable.
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Partscaster strat don't hold value, doesn't matter if neck is USA and body is USA.. The weird part, Fender guitar factories get a body from the line and match a neck to it (retains value).. but if I or anyone else buys a Fender USA body and neck, then assembles the guitar, it doesn't reflect same value.. better to part out the guitar and recoup cost of parts (parts worth more than the whole).

My recommendation is NO, do not buy unless it is considered cheap price where you live (because a modded Partscaster isn't worth much as what buyer is willing to pay).. since it is missing the serial number as well, body painted (could be hiding flaws). Do you know the seller? If not.. Save your money for other guitar.
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