I find that my strings are getting a bit tricky to play on (sliding etc..) than when I first got it. I expected for at least a month or two before I could actually feel the difference but took only 2 weeks.

On my other electric though, I got myself those elixir strings and quite surprise how nice it still feels.

Problem is, those elixir strings cost at least $15-20 and string cleaners are only $9 so Im thinking whether I should go for cleaning them first before replacing it if it helps me save (cheaper) in the long run
Wash your hands before you play, and wipe the strings down after and you will extend their life a lot. I change strings on my main guitar every month and a half-ish, I do notice a difference after two weeks though.
elixers are nice, but for the price, you can get three sets of d'addarios or whatever else and string a little more often.

different strings do better for some people. the acid and chemical makeup of a persons sweat can make some die faster. try a few other brands.

honestly i have used d'addario for about a decade now, and i get several months of life on most guitars.
Get new strings.

On guitars I play often, I buy cheap strings (usually some variation of GHS Boomers) in bulk and change them often.
If you really need to clean your strings, buy the cheapest packaged alcohol wipes (don't buy these in a guitar store; they'll triple in price) you can find and wipe down your strings before you put the guitar back in your case.



Never leave a dirty towel or rag in the case with your guitar and definitely do NOT drape the cloth you just used to wipe down the guitar over your guitar before you close the case. That's just a guarantee that you'll accelerate corrosion on your guitar's strings, hardware and finish. Buy those big yellow microfiber towels at CostCo (or similar) and swap out for a clean one OFTEN.

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For me string cleaners are great if used after a gig but I haven't found any that can resurrect a dead set of strings once they have gone dull. On the other hand for about a year now I have been buying the Ernie Ball Wonder Wipes. I know that there nothing particularly special about them other than the convenience of the individually wrapped string wipes. Still at 1:00 in the morning while packing up after a gig, it's easy to pull out a wipe, open the package and do a quick 30 second string cleaning. It really helps extend the brightness of the strings for a few extra weeks.
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For me D'addario last forever. The ones that wear quickest are dunlop.

Honestly, regular D'addario are cheap enough to change often and they feel good.
Get a new set of strings. Whichever you like and use this ritualistically.

Don't use the cloth that comes with the Fast Fret! It's fuzzy and will leave strands and globs of fabric on the string. I use a clean old handkerchief to wipe down my strings before and after every time I play.

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Wash your hands before you play, and wipe the strings down after and you will extend their life a lot.

And that too!
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What are the conditions where you keep your guitar when you're not playing it? In a humid place, like a basement?
I occasionally use GHS Fast Fret. It does not improve the tone, but the strings definitely feel better and are a lot easier to play, especially when sliding. I have shitty hands I guess, cause I fuck up my strings very fast, and FF makes them feel better. Also, it does clean them to a certain deegree.