Well i just got a metal zone pedal and im plannig on using it on my Marshal MG15FX (yeah i know is not the best amp, im saving for a peavy atm) but the issue is that i dont know how to set my marshall i know it must be in the clean channel but dont know if i have to turn all the treble, and mid down, or just the mid.
Thanks in advance
Btw i have a esp ltd explorer and i wanna get a heavy metal tone.
You don't have to do anything. If you want new school 90's metal than yes, scoop mids. Just tweak it and find a setting that sounds good. That pedal has tons of gain, use it sparingly for good sound.
guitarkid8sorry but to get it clear you meant to leave my clean channel with the mids, bass and trebble as i would play without pedal ( for example all 12 o clock).
Yes you can start there. I would leave your clean Chanel as is, because the pedal has eq on it. Leave your best clean eq and then dial in the dist eq on pedal.
Experiment. There's no rule as to how a run a distortion pedal in respect to your amp that you need to follow. Though some ways sound better than others. It depends on the specific pedal you're talking about and the amp you're using.

Generally people run their amp's clean channel for a high gain pedal like a Metalzone. How you EQ either pedal is entirely up to you to experiment.

But may lord help you get a quarter way decent tone out of a Marshall MG and a Boss Metalzone in any case. I think the best setting for that combination is in the trash.
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