Nice production quality. Atomic Creation gives me a Dr. Who feeling... it has that modern spacey thing going for it. Glad to hear an instrumental! Be Happier Now is a good song overall (a heavy prog feel)... I think the singing may be heavy on delay and reverb, which is OK is the instruments were not so intense with their own reverb.
Atomic creation:
Pretty good mixing, cool guitar riffs I like the pick scratching. This would fit really well in a video game soundtrack, like half life. Alot of your stuff has that kinda vibe, ever consider writing music for a game or short film?

Be happier now:
Good bass line in the beginning, really good bass tone. The overall mix is also pretty good on this one as well. I think I prefer atomic creation but only because of the stylistic differences, both songs are equally well produced.
logicbdj and xevious1,
Thank you for listening & commenting, I appreciate it! That's not the first time I've heard my tunes might be good for video games, though I rarely play video games. I usually like the ones with car racing (though the controls are nothing like a real car unless you buy some somewhat expensive add-ons), and airplane dogfighting. It is a dream of mine to get my music in some sort of film or TV. A long time ago, this guy I know who had a video equipment business was interested in putting my music in one of his films, but it never really happened. He was seriously into Satan worship (not my thing!), and made some (probably low budget) movie on that topic. I don't want to have my music in a Satan worship film. Fairly recently I spent a fair amount of time exploring submitting music for film or TV, though it seems you typically have to pay money to submit the music, which seems mostly like a scam to me. I would google the publishing houses advertised in Reverb Nation (and several others) and inquire on submitting music (without paying anything), and I never get a single reply back. It seems like there are way more "opportunities" for film or TV than video games, though I think a lot of these outfits are just trying to capitalize on people's dreams. I met a guy on the internet who claims to have gotten lots of his music on reality TV, though it sounds like he rarely gets paid for it. It would be exciting though. I haven't gotten paid a penny for the 20 songs of mine that have had radio play; I hear this is pretty typical.
There are a ton of small indie video game developers. Your music isn't gonna be in the next call of duty, they have in house sound production, but a small team of indie developers may need to outsource some music for their work. I'd also try partnering with smaller youtube channels, it wont pay anything but itll be a step in the right direction.

And good move staying out of the satan worshiping film.
Thank you for replying! Many years ago, I visited the Satan worshipping dude (he is a friend of a friend): he lived in a two bedroom apartment. The one bedroom seemed normal. The second room was totally dedicated to Satan worship: a big alter, upside-down crosses and pentagrams. He was in the same Satanic organization as one of the founding members of Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet Engineering Corporation!
Listening to Atomic Creation right now and I have to agree with logicbdj. I liked it and was NOT expecting that guitar! Super sick kick in xD the whole track really sends you out into another world. If a sci-fi thing was what you were going for, you got it spot on!

Dat ganky bass in Be Happier Now really beats my chest and that's great. The licks remind me of like 70's funk. I think the only thing that kinda threw me off was the reverb/delay on the vocals. Not coz there's a lot, but more that it didn't seem to blend well with the rest of the mix (which honestly, I can't give much advice with coz I have a hard time with mixing things well myself). I liked the chord progressions and the occasional guitar links. Really gives life to the song. like some serious amount of life!

I think that what makes you stand out amongst the rest is how different you are in your method of songwriting and how vast your imagination is. That's a trait many a musician (or any form of artist) envies, and you've got it in spades!
Atomic Creation - Far out intro. Love the bass synth tone. The intro kinda reminds me of a robot Frank Zappa, but once more instruments come in, it becomes clear that you're in a whole other realm. I think you were smart in the way you introduced new instrumentation in stages at the beginning, since it really adds to the tension and building of a vast, heavy duty soundscape. One of my favorite single elements is the little descending arps at :59. They only happen a couple times, but its a nice little dash of spice

Be Happier Now - Always dig slap bass. This song sounds a little more stiff though, not as natural. The guitar tone is sort of brittle, a little coarse, though I like the lines youre playing and the wah matches the vibe of the slap bass well. The wah is great in the solo ~2:29 as well.

Atomic Creation has some nice catchy dark funky space style. At the start you would predict it will be a happy major´ish song, but its like both minor and major -bass is happy but everything else is darker. Pretty cool combination, like a futuristic song. Would fit in a nightclub I guess, I assume its easy to dance to (I don´t dance btw haha). Seems like its composed while doing acid

Btw are you making any money by doing music or its just your hobby? Your stability to produce songs are astonishing! Theres every month something, even maybe weekly basis. Keep up the creativity!
LourDeo-15, jmako, White Python,
Thank you for the reviews, I really appreciate it! In the best live band I was in (95% cover tunes) I made about $500US in 1984. Factor in all of my driving expenses, I probably still lost money. During the last 30 years, I've mostly just been a one-man-band home studio project. Despite some radio play, I haven't made a penny in the last 30 years doing this as a hobby. I wish I could make some money on tunes I already recorded, but that is pretty tough nowadays. Even Kanye West (I don't like him) says he is $53 million in debt, but that's probably because he spends money way too fast.
@aaron: Great tunes man! Its a nice change for me since i mostly listen to metal all day!! Great Stuff! Keep em comin!

Hey there! Checked out a couple of these-

Atomic Creation - This is a cool synth / electronic / guitar fused track. Very subtle changes over time, but that driving synth keeps the groove going throughout. I like the track as a background piece. It never does anything abrupt enough to demand your immediate attention, which would suit it for a video game. Actually the ending part reminded me of the soundtrack to "Plague, inc" on steam. Great mixing, the atmospheric guitar has a good tone. If I might ask, what program did you use for the synth parts?

It's Not Expected - A bit more upbeat and a rock groove here! Listening with headphones, you have a good variety of instrumentation. Guitar and synth parts move in and out of the soundscape successfully. The clean guitar part I thought was the best overall segment. The vocals were done well, the vibrato does sound good. I felt the vocals were a bit in the thick of the mix, I couldn't easily make out all of the lyrics. I never do vocals so I cannot really offer any advice! You have a good way of blending the layers of your tracks, and your style is distinct and polished. Though this song is different than Atomic Creation, they still easily feel like they were created by the same artist. Good work and keep it up!!
shsnk and supralightning,
Thank you for listening and reviewing my music! For "Atomic Creation", I used the following synth plug-ins: u-he Zebra, xils lab Synthix, and Arturia Moog Modular V.
Are you a Genesis fan? I'm really getting that vibe from these two tracks. I can't really say much to improve them. I dig the compostions. Funky vibes on Be Happy Now. Only think I was hoping to hear was the ride cymbal have a part keeping straight quarter notes during some sections. I think it would be a cool switch up.

I love the synth plug-ins your using. Great layering on Atomic Creation. Are you using one of those sustain things on your guitar? I forget the name...
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Atomic Creation
Like some of the others have mentioned, this sounds like it's straight out of a video game soundtrack. Love the trippy synth effects in this one. The part at 0:45 reminds me a bit of "The Horror" by RJD2. Really diggin' this one.

Be Happier Now
Nice and groovy intro. Like the slapping bass. I think the guitar should be a bit lower in the mix though.
Cool vocals! Gives me a nice 80's vibe. I like the way you used reverb and delay.
Nice Wah wah solo. I don't like the pause right after the solo. I think you should have dove straight intro the wah riff again. Maybe make the part at 3:10, so the vocals starts a bit sooner. But other than that, good job man!

Got a new surf rock song up now, wanna check it out?
Mr. kornflipsk8er and mrmo,
Thank you for the reviews, I appreciate it! I am a fan of Genesis, though I am not consciously aware of being inspired by them in these particular songs (though it is common for me to use a gated reverb drum sound: made famous by Phil Collins). I got the sustain on the guitar by using an Ebow for "Atomic Creation".
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