Guitar pro 5.2 - getting different 'sound results' on different computers

Hi all

I just wanted to ask if anyone had to deal with the same problem. Here's the deal:

Having composed my music in GP 5.2 (with quite a lot of effects, tracks and let's say non-standard instrumentation — full-on RSE), I sent the .gp5 file to my friends. They used the exact same program (RSE included and all) to view it and play it but told me the song didn't sound as it was supposed to — as it sounds on my laptop. The effects and guitar sounds werenot in place, strange cracking noise in the background, weird tempo problems (might be a problem with latency pairing of MIDI and RSE though), etc. Several computers, all bad results, and each having a different problem.

Do you have any piece of advice for me judging just from such a general description? Anything I'm missing?


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