Hi everyone, first thread here so be kind with me
I'm Marco from Italy, and I'm willing to buy a new guitar. It must be cool and unique, and I've made some chooses yet. Anyway, still can't decide on which way to go, so some help would be greatly appreciated!
Since I love guitars with metal top, I choose the 3 of them which I like the most into that market; I know all the other brands that make this kind of stuff, so these are my top-list for me.



Small company based in Italy, which builds amazing and charismatic guitars. I particulary love this Der Rebell model, which in my opinion has beautiful lines and an amazing design on the plate. Furthermore, they are quite near at where I live, so I could make em a visit and try these out. The price is good too (about 2700 euro for this one).
This is the page of the model in their website http://www.oniricaguitars.com/derrebell/ , and there is other cool stuff in their fb page, not necessarily related to metal-top guitars: https://www.facebook.com/Oniricaguitars/



We all know Wild guitars, so I don't have to introduce them amazing instruments and a wide choice. I liked this one very much, since the first moment I saw it, but the price is really high (about 4000 euro), and I don't feel like I am prepared to spend all that money. Anyway, the guitar is really really cool and I'm taking it in consideration.



Trussart is another top-notch producer. Buying one of these new is out of discussion, but I found some good prices into the used market. Furthermore, If I would like to sell it, I would lose not that much money. But, to be honest, I prefer the lines and look of the other two guitars.

So, now that I messed the whole thing up, who wants to help me get me out of here ? My heart would suggest to go straight with Onirica, since they have the better price and (in my opinion) the coolest guitar, but they are not so much known, so if I would resell it I would lose some of the value. Anyway, I don't feel this like a big problem, since I believe that I will keep her for a long time.
Give me your opinion, and thanks for your help!!
Der Rebell
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I know all the other brands that make this kind of stuff...

I'd be surprised if you do.

I'd follow my heart, though. I think it sounds like the Onirica appeals to you more than the others.
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From my situation, I would go for the Wild (looks) or Trussart (value in resale), however, I'd support a local luthier as well if a custom built guitar was what I wanted. I'm going to agree with Danny and say you sound like you would be really happy with the Onirica.
my choice would be the trussard, the others look too much alike the iceman by ibanez to be unique...

and i would basically prefer the lp blueprint...

but to be honest i would not choose any of These three...

in case of any custom model for myself i would contact nik huber, who happens to be located quiet Close to myself
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We all know Wild guitars, so I don't have to introduce them

We do? Seems to me most of this discussion has been pretty parochial.
"Nik Huber is close to me"
"Onirica is close to me"
"Everyone knows Wild guitars"

I'm a fan of Nik Huber guitars (I have just one).
Teye guitars are just crazy (I was just looking at several of them at a local guitar show).

Zemaitis (originals), their run-ons (family) and their clones are metal faced and everywhere. Wild and Onirica I actually had to go look up, and I don't know whether Wild actually made it to the 2016 NAMM show in January.

Jim Trussart on Allesandro is (almost literally) in my back yard, and I've had my eye on a Steelphonic in Rust and Cream Snakeskin for quite a while.

This is the rust and cream snakeskin finish:

And this is some copper-top thing...

I've also got my eye on some of the fancier custom-built ESPs...

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Grath makes some stunning guitars, too.

Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

It is very impotent to success a business.
Hey everyone, thanks again for all the nice input! In the end, I choose an Onirica, which was the easiest choice for me. I'll let you know
My tastes in guitars are generally very conservative, but I do like those engraved metal tops. I would go with something in basic LP shape that also included a fairly simple headstock shape. Anything fancier might start to look like too much of a good thing after a while. Another thing I would be thinking about is chambering for weight reduction.
Tony Done

Hi Tony,
Chambering is definitely a must for me too - and coupled with the aluminum top is even more interesting regarding the sound. The guitar gains both the attack and mid-highs of the aluminum, with the airy mid-lows of the tonal chamber. Thanks for your input too!
Just started playing guitar again but if i was going to choose a metal top like the ones you posted i wouldn't only be looking at how good it looks. It might look the best guitar in the world but surely playability has to come into it. I would myself choose playability over looks although i do like Der Rebel if it plays poor its not much use.