Hi Guys,
I'd be happy to help out as a moderator. Hopefully, you'll know something about me, from this forum, and also from lessons and articles I've posted here.
I'm well versed in theory and its application, and I'm sometimes contentious on that aspect. I teach teachers, occasionally. But I also enjoy helping out beginners upwards. I've been pro-guitarist, signed to EMI records long time back, and asked to join Krokus back in 90's. I have been co-writing tracks on and off with the keyboard player of the Gary Moore band (my playing is on soundcloud, primarily), and done session work. Old enough not to take offence, nor to be offensive back! I'm very passionate about making the tools of music as easy as possible for the laymen and newbies to understand, and to this end I have dedicated several years putting together material and software that addresses this square-on. This is all being brought to the public very shortly now. I have a wide range of musical tastes, and will listen to pretty much anything. So, maybe I can help out here.
Cheers, Jerry
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In before Kristen and Neo start an argument here over you being late didn't you apply to GT as well?
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Theory: Not rules, just tools.

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*note that by fan i mean that guy who wants his friends to know he knows this totally obscure hip band that only he knows about with 236 views on youtube. lookin' at Kev here
Yeah, you already applied in GT, not MT. It's two days late now...

(Gonna get back to you about specifics, though)
NeoMvsEuHi Neo. I didn't apply for GT ... I received several PM's from N-D and Niass initially, and I acted on one of those to show I'd be happy to be a moderator on either GT or MT (I was given a link to the elections thread). The next thing I knew, that post had been put up on the GT thread, but not by me. As far as I knew, I was just asking questions at that point.
Yeah that's fine, I'm trying to get a line in with the mods to verify, so it should be okay as long as they confirm

There's just been a lot of miscommunication since.

Edit: checked in with ppl, we're good Campaign away!
I already endorsed Kev, but allow to go on record with:

"I respect the shit out of Jerry and he'd be a good mod too"
"There are two styles of music. Good music and bad music." -Duke Ellington

"If you really think about it, the guitar is a pointless instrument." - Robert Fripp
So ... I'm not into bad-mouthing the nominees. Maybe a long time back, but not now.

As I said, if you want someone that can and has given good advice, based on a lot of experience and experimentation, then I'm here for you guys. I do that consistently on UG anyway.

Moreover, I don't knock Jazz! (yes, I can play it, though I prefer it mixed up with metal sound sometimes). For example,


I can play metal: https://soundcloud.com/jerry-kramskoy-1/cut-the-line-excerpt. And a fair few other genres too.

I'm here ... you just need vote!
hang on now, i'm not sure i can get on board with not knocking jazz...

EDIT: awesome playing on that jazzy tune.
I'm an idiot and I accidentally clicked the "Remove all subscriptions" button. If it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm not, I'm just no longer subscribed to the thread. If you quote me or do the @user thing at me, hopefully it'll notify me through my notifications and I'll get back to you.
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Next question ... how is voting checked? Is there some thread that everyone responds to, or is judged based on the responses in these individual campaign thtreads?

If the latter, then ... what's the matter with you bunch? Where's my votes?? :-)

Pretty sure there will be an official thread with a poll when it's time to vote. The campaign threads are just for rallying supporters. I think you'd be a great mod as well, but I've already said I'm supporting Kev.
You got my vote, bud. I enjoy your lessons, and I can't wait to see what you do with your new software.
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You got my vote, bud. I enjoy your lessons, and I can't wait to see what you do with your new software.

Many thanks. I was worried that UG would see me acting as moderator as being a conflict of interest with me using my software for lessons. But happy to say they have confirmed there's no issue there, which is great.

We're aiming for about 2 weeks from now to go live with website. Folk can sign up for newsletter, or for early-access to the software. Or just read blogs. We're also making a mini-story about the London music scene in the 60's ... a friend of mine is a wonderful artist, and mad as a box of frogs. Centres around a couple of psychos running a music shop in central London.