I have a couple of half-decent ukes that I don't play much, and I'm having a mild attack of CBG, so I decided to convert one of them for playing slide. It is a brass body concert-sized reso uke:

The decal has come off the headstock, and I can't recall the make. It might be the same model as the Recording King with a different badge. I replaced the peg tuners with geared ones.

I replaced the nylon strings with the high four from a 13-56 phos bronze guitar set, and tuned to open E - EAC#E, the same as I use with 10-46 on electric guitar - by trial and error. Since it is only a 15"scale, this is a fairly low tension, but still firm enough the use my heavy brass slide. I'm really pleased with the result, it has a good banjo like punch without being harsh, and is very responsive to a light touch. I tried it as a lap steel with a nut raiser, but it is a bit to in-your-face for my tastes.

Has anyone else done this kind of re-purposing?