Hi guys i want to buy a new bass with 5-strings and my budget is around 400€-500€.I'm searching at thomman
And i'm between this 3 basses:

1.Traben Chaos Attack 5

2.Ibanez Sr375E

3.Ibanez PIB3

The 3rd bass if i buy it i will change the factory tuning in standar BEADG

Of course if you have any other suggestions tell me because i dont have too much experience on that point
Traben made some good basses, but I haven't heard anything from them in a very long time. Even their website seems a little finicky. If you get one, just be warned that the company might be in a transitional phase. But they made some fine instruments. The Chaos Attack wasn't one of their higher-end models, but it played and sounded very good and came stock with Rockfield pickups.

Of the two Ibanez basses you've listed, I think your best bet is the SR375. The Peter Iwers Signature is a good bass, but the SR is tried and true.
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Thank you very much guys for your replies!!!

If you have any other suggestions expect of this basses, at thomann or other online shops plz tell me because i'm searchimg generally at internet and local stores
A used Maruszczyk might be in budget if you know where to look.
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