Hey everyone, I wrote this song a while ago and I think it turned out pretty cool, but I'd love to hear you feedback and thoughts on it. I tried experimenting a bit with different things, like key changes and having a piano in the song. Only thing that is missing now are lyrics, but so I guess this song is about the search for lyrics.

I hope you enjoy!
The Search.gp5
I listened to it last night but couldnt get into it on a first listen, now that I'm listening to it a bit more in depth it's much better.

I like the uneven 3/4 bar in the Intro B. I was almost afraid it was gonna carry on in a proggy way but thankfully it remained straight. The transition to the verse is really, but I'm just a sucker for syncopation so I'm biased here. Only just noticed that you're German too after checking if that piano really was a piano or just midi guitar but I'll just carry on in english anyway.

Not so sure about the pre-chorus, maybe actual instruments would be different but here in midi it actually sounds like a part that would have to have vocals over it, which is a bit ironic. Am I right in assuming you wrote this piece for a specific band in mind and thus only have a single guitar there?`Usually, just having two guitars panned left and right fills such parts nicely enough.

Really liking the chorus and the build up throughout, especially the slight dissonance in the backing vocals.

The bridge however feels a bit weak but im generally not a fan of those dotted note groups, makes me think of coldplay, urgh. As for the following main riff, I think the 3/4 thing here doesnt work as well as the listener is coming into it with a different feel. It works out in the beginning because you don't know whaat to expect, but after the nice climax in the chorus, it feels a bit to weak. Even more so because such hiccups usually make things feel even less "confident".
On one hand it was nice that bridge here was bringing back an earlier theme and I recognized it, but at the same time, I feel that there is a problem with the fact you're ending the little bridge melody on relatively high and long note. It feels like the music guides you a certain way and you do that quite well throughout the song, but then this one bar here in the bridge leads you into a dead end and a break, and just 2 bars later theres another such break with the 3/4 rhythm thing.
Essentially it made me lose my vibe a bit and I feel that the 2nd bar of the bridge is mostly at fault is what im trying to say.

The guitar leads in the second verse are very well placed and done, I was almost going to just skip it, expecting it to be merely a copypaste of the first verse, so, well done.

I still dont like the bridge bars 119-120, it seems to be the only thing really standing out in this song that I dont like so far, but ofc thats just my taste. I do think though that its rhythm does conflict with the last bars of the chorus. It's like, the rhythm in those 2 bars are obviously different from the rest of the song, which, in itself, is not a bad thing at all. It just means you have to transition into it in a certain way to make it work but that is kinda blurry. Just listening to the first bar of the bridge alone, it sounds like it was just the beginning of a longer pattern, like a whole 16bar verse, rather than a special fill or break that stands on it's own. And so what happens is, when I listen to the song I get to that part and I expect it to be the next main thing for the next 16bars and im tuning in with that expectation, but then it actually turns out to be a break instead and that throws me off.

Anyway, I hope my ramblings here are somewhat meaningful.

The tempo change is executed well, it's quite hard to get these right but this one works. I feel what you have here works just fine.

I like the pre solo part. Cant say much on the piano solo as I wouldnt know how to write one myself. It didn't blow me away but that's just taste, it does work though.

The ending works fine but I have one point of criticism here. I basically see the type of ending youre going for and why you're going for it, it fits quite nice to a stretched out solo part you have before it. However, and this might just be due to the midi sound, the solos were not enough of a climax for me in order to make that particular style of ending work. Now this is mostly a sound thing, if played by an actual band it would make sure to play a bit more energetically towards the end, but still, it's not like you couldn't apply the same thing to guitar pro midi and make it work regardless.

Anyway, as you ought to have been able to tell by now, I'm quite nitpicky and my crits usually end up more negative-sounding than they are supposed to be. The music is nothing I would listen to myself for fun so to speak, but I do think it is a very well made song and most of its "Problems" stem from guitar pro and midi and while I write guitar pro songs for the sake of it and try to make them sound as well as possible, I do understand the people who just use it to save ideas and give it a bit of leeway in terms of what it would actually sound like if played by a real band.

Not quite a proper closing statement but there you go.
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Hey thanks for the extensive feedback, I really appreciate it! Or should say "Vielen Dank"?

Yeah, this was initially intended for a band I was in (with 1 guitar player), but the whole thing didn't work out unfortunately. I'm definitely gonna experiment with the Pre-Chorus and the little 2 bar bridge thing to see how it feels with a different rhythm etc.