Hi! I've been using my Boss DS-1 for more than a year now and I really like the stock unit.

However, I have been looking into modding my Boss DS-1 with either the JCM-type mod or the CSG mod and in dilemma between these two mods. I'm looking for a distortion with a more profound mids and slightly smoother distortion... The DS-1 can get quite harsh beyond the 12 o'clock position on the tone and distortion dosen't smooth out very well between the 50% to 100% area.

What I'm in dilemma for is that the CSG mod sounds more like my type of pedal with lots of low end punch and a better mids response but I fear it won't be gainy enough while the JCM mod made the DS-1 sound like THE British distortion tone but seems to be extremely harsh on the distortion.

Normally I tend to just leave my DS-1 on for my rythem and boost it with a Clean Overdrive pedal (Nux Od-3 which is bascially a TS Clone) for solos. I'm into Blues Rock and Clasic Rock style of guitar and having to decide these 2 mods is a pain -.-
I was also considering buying the Marshall Gun'nor 2 in the near future soon so I'm leaning towards the CSG mod but still in a dilemma...

Link for JCM Mod (And other mods too) http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/boss-ds-1-mods-1?page=2

Link for CSG Mod http://csguitars.co.uk/ds1mod.html

Anyone who have experienve in modding pedals could help me out on this one? It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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do both, DS1's are easy attainable for $20-$25.
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