im not sure if im posting in the right spot or if this is something to ask here but i really need help.


ik the whammy bar is suppose to make my guitar do this but i think its loose or something becuase it does it even when im not touching it and just playing, i dont play like super hard or anything. im just not sure what to do :/ everytime i play the tone jumps pitches
It is suppose to do that. That is the bridge plate and it is spring loaded. If properly setup, it allows you to trem up and down. If you want it decked, tighten the spring pawl screws from the back side of the guitar.

If you're not confident in how to do it, take it to a tech.
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Auriemma well ik its suppose to do that but it seems alot more loose then its suppose to be, just playing a note sometimes the strings will go down in pitch and go back on in 1 second interval. its very frustrating to even tune it sometimes becuz of it, and i dont have a local guitar shop to take it to or i would :/