Hello, UG! I posted a playthrough for my song Togepi.

I'd say it's a less technical and more melodic approach when it comes to me and songwriting.

I'd love to know what you guys think, especially in regards to the flow of the song!

I'm typing as I'm watching your vid

I have to say, you have nice chops and it shows through the whole song, the mix sounds pretty metal, my only complaints are about the clean tone, it sounds a bit dead and unclear, try a cleaner sound that's brighter and has more body, it would make the clean parts a lot more fun to listen to, also try more mids on the lead guitar on parts like 2:17, it would add clarity, it sounds good on it's own, but gets buried when the rythm guitar kicks in.

It also sounds like this song could use screaming vocals, would add a lot to it. Good job!

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Not the first time I've heard your stuff, and it wont be the last. Your technique is great. I'm not a fan of the end of the song with just all the picking on the low string its gets old. Thats just a difference in preference though. I prefer riffs that are more "riffy" if that means anything. Still, great lead playing and some cool ideas. Drums sound pretty good.

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Nice tone man, drums also have punch but I think you leads parts should be a little louder. Or this is just my speakers)