Hey guys,
my new album is out, its draws influence from many different bands. People have described it as hard rock with David Bowie sounding vocals. I'll let you decide if thats accurate or not, regardless I'd love to know what you all think. I recorded most the guitars all the bass and used ez drummer for the drums, I also did all the mixing, the vocals were all done by a friend.
"Overture": David Bowie is my favorite male singer.....though this song is an instrumental. It all sounds good though. "Iron Fist": cool intro guitar riff. Vocals do sound a bit like Bowie, a little bit, more at the beginning. Overall, I like this song better (quite good on most everything, including vocals). Timing is kind of bizarre around 3:03, my least favorite part. Nice lead synth & geetar. Cool tune overall. Please review my music at this link:

Hahaha dat Metal Machine EZX kit

I listened to Overture, the guitars sound good and they fit well combined with the bass and drums, maybe adding some reverb to the snare with multichanneled EZdrummer would make it sound bigger/better, the lead guitar also sound good and fitting with the right amount of delay, I only have one complaint about this song, and that is the synth at 1:15, it sounds waay too loud and needs it's higher frequencies cut off in my opinion.

But yeah, apart from that, awesome job on the song!

If you want to C4C, check out my new track here:

Iron Fist comes in like an Iron Fist. Great pounding riff, and the fuzz on the bass is the icing on the cake. Sound quality is very good, nice big mix. Vocals in the chorus are slightly scratchy to my ear. It sounds like there might be some distortion on them, I prolly would have rolled the treble off slightly on that if thats the case. My ear tends to prefer a less trebly signal though and thats just personal preference.

Where is the Time - Again, really nice guitar tone here, and a good mix of clean in the right and distorted in the left for the very beginning. Our ears always like that diversity in sound. The bass is driving this one which is a nice change of pace.

Grunge Machine - I like the bass tone a lot in this one. This verse vocal part is probably my favorite vocal sound yet as well.

The Return of Halvar - Interesting guitar tone in the intro, this album is strong in that each song is giving you something new to chew on. They each have a distinct fingerprint to them, yet they all obviously fall under the same umbrella as well. Cool drum fills in this song just after the 1 minute mark. The drums are mixed very well too and I'm happy to hear some focus on them as well. 2:41 and on has a nice atmosphere. That bass is crystal clear, and the spacey guitars give yet another flavor. You guys write solid tracks for sure.