Hi everyone, I am going to buy a combo Head & Cabinet of EDEN for practicing with affort price. So I consider 3 of this:
1/ Eden USM-WTX264-U World Tour Classic Series Bass Amplifier Head

2/ Eden USM-E300-U E-Series Bass Amplifier Head

3/ Speaker: Eden EX410SC4 EX Series Cabinet with 400-Watts 4-Ohms Extended Range Speakers

Could you give me an advice what combo I should choose for the best? Because as I know, power of Head lower Cabinet is not good for using. And I see here, power of EX410SC4 is higher than both of Head WTX264 and E300. Thank you so much !!!
Shouldn't matter. A lower power head works well with a higher power rated cab, but do not use a higher rated head than the cab.

So, whichever head you like the sound of better will work with that cabinet.
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c3powil Thank you so muchh bro. You said exactly right, for some combo they're selling as example. But pls consider this one again. Coz I read this link: http://www.doctorproaudio.com/doctor/temas/powerhandling.htm
They said contrary: Speaker power should be higher than Amplifier. And I wonder: Is amplifier and speaker power for sound system different with amplifier and speaker power of instruments?
If you are comparing RMS power ratings, then I would be hesitant to exceed the output rating of your cabinet. In the bass world, you don't want to be clipping your head anyway, for tone purposes. You cane exceed the RMS rated wattage of your cabinet, but keep the volume low and use your ears to gauge whether the speakers are in distress. If you are playing clean this will be easy to hear. If you use a lot of effects it will be very difficult.

The safest method is to use a lower or equal powered head that has a clip indicator, so that you will not be endangering the cabinet in any way.
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat
A 4ohm rated head (take note: i not taking wattage like 300watt head) can power a 4ohm (best), 8ohm (ok), 16ohm (not as efficient but will work) speaker cab.. but a higher ohm head (example: 16ohm head) powering a lower 4ohm speaker cab will greatly shorten the life of speakers.. more so when you crank the volume up.

Another analogy to explain this:
On Turnpike, three lanes become six lanes is OK (lower Ohm head to higher ohm speaker cab).. while six lanes merging into three lanes causes severe traffic (high ohm head into lower ohm speaker cab). high volume causes congestion traffic.
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