I was wondering which one of these 2 guitars is the best. I want a new guitar for playing stuff like Metallica, Megadeth, Death etc you know Death / Thrash stuff and i can't decide

I love the shade of the Explorer, is one of my favorite because Hetfield used it in 84 and Hetfield is my idol, plus i love the chunkiness of it. But the V has a lot of potencial also, Both having active pickups (which i love it)

So can you help me out with arguments about both guitars and your opion? Hardware,weight,fret job, playing (easy-slow-fast) speaking.

Here are some links for you to check the guitars I am speaking about

It sounds like you like the explorer. Get it.

Also, the explorer comes with active emg's and the V with passive HZ's. While the HZ's sound good, it's not quite the same as the active (hetfield and Kirk both active).
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Are you able to go to a guitar store and see if they have either of these guitars in stock?

All Jacksons have more or less the same kind of neck profile, fret size and fretboard radius, so even if that particular Jackson isn't in stock, any kind of Jackson V/Rhoads will at least give you an idea of what the neck of the Jackson you're looking at will be like.

The Epiphone's neck is similar in profile to a Gibson Explorer. So if you happen to have one of those in your local store, try it.

Having played many Jacksons and Explorers, I can tell you the Explorer does have a thicker neck than a Jackson, but its still a fairly thin D-shape and very comfortable for me. The string spacing is like that of any Gibson. The Jacksons have a similar D-shape (though thinner), bigger frets and a wider string spacing, which is common with superstrat guitars.

Whichever one is better feeling to play is entirely subjective of course. It's imperative that you actually play them, or at least guitars that are similar and make your decision from there.

Regarding how level the frets are, it's entirely dependent on what specific example you've bought so there's no accurate way of knowing. But speaking very broadly, in my experience I find Jacksons to have more consistent fret jobs than similarly-priced Epiphones.

EDIT: I've noticed that the particular Jackson you've linked has EMG HZ's .

The active 81/85's the Epiphone has are a lot better. With that said though pickups and pots can always be replaced in the Jackson, but at an extra cost.
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Thank you guys for the replies !!!! Yes i do have a local Guitar Store with these guitars in stock and i will go to check them out, maybe add some other possibilites :-? who knows . But yea I love the Explorer a lot ! Yes also When i said "shade" of the explorer i wanted to say shape**. Anyway thank you again for the replies you helped me a lot ! . I will go as soon as possible there to check some models so i can see what is fitting me the best.
Go play them both and make sure you like they way they feel.

You may want to look into the Jackson Kelly as well - it's their take on the Explorer. Note that on my Kelly everything is shifted an inch or two to the left - not a big deal but something to note.
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