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Greetings all,

i have been playing electric and acoustic guitars in bands for nearly a decade, and it is clearly a passion of mine. Being a moderator of this sub-forum would mean not only an add-on to my passion for guitar music, but would be a great way for me to get to know more about this hobby and allow others to gain knowledge from me. I'm always here to chat, and I pretty much always have a tab open for UG, so I am always available for support. If you're interested you can check out my band (link in sig).

anyways, now lets get down to the meat and potatoes:

I will keep whatever sub-forum you need me in organized and clean
I'll moderate each thread with precision, making sure posts are not being particularly hostile, racist, or the like toward other posters.
I will remain calm, cool, and collected and neutral in threads, and keep the discussion on track.
lastly, I will try to keep things fresh and lively for posters, along with keeping new-comers to the forum aware of rules and do-not's.
I'm here to help you share your ideas about the future of this community. I won't contribute too many of my own ideas, but I will make some suggestions to keep the discussion moving. If anything
does gets in the way of the discussion, please let me know. This is your discussion and I want to help you make it work

vote for k.lainad

thank you for your support !
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I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.