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My grandfathers both had sex at least once.
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My great grandfather was a local judge in a 'moderately' sized courtroom in an obscure part of Ireland. This would've been around the early 1900's.

My other grandfather was a police officer in Lithuania in WW2 (among many other things).

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
Grandpa almost got beheaded when the Japanese invaded the Philippines during WW2.
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Great great grandad came over from Copenhagen and started a farm. Spent a good amount of time passing down his genetic good looks.
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My dad's side of the family came from Spain as landowners. They were Basque, so when Franco started doing his shit, my great-great grandpa took the family to Mexico. My great-great grandpa on my mom's side was a factory worker who spoke German in the home. That family came to the States in the early 1800s.
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Great grandmother. A Moroccan Berber that moved to a neighborhood of Damascus to play & teach oud. Ironically has nothing to do with my Levantine heritage from the other side of my family. It's just coincidental, eventually she moved elsewhere in North Africa. And eventually I moved into that exact neighborhood and found out about her through my aunt after I left--my parents never knew that fact about her life.

Kind of amazing to me. I feel immense kinship towards my great grandmother and I've never met her. Genuine explorer who probably shouldn't have gotten hitched to a janky ass turban wearing motherfucker.
nvm get it now.

I knew about all my grandparents because I knew them growing up. Don't know anything about my great-grandparents, not even their names.
When I was like 3
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don't understand the question tbh

yeah it could be worded better

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I an evety characyer in this story
My last name is English so I assume my ancestors were a bunch of British stowaways on a ship headed for America and then decided to settle in Missouri for the lovely weather.
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My ancestors on my father's side from the early 19th century were rice farmers/landowners. One of them built a temple and a school in the 1850s which I visited a couple of years ago. During the early 20th century many of them moved to the city for education and returned to their village to get married. My grandfather was the first to remain in the city after college. His father had 3 wives and we still have family #dramz over it because he only included the first wife's children in his will.

I don't know much about my maternal ancestors but they were quite poor and suffered a lot until my grandfather became a banker and helped everyone out for the rest of his life. Although they still suffered a lot because they lived near Pakistan during the war in 1971. Pretty sure that many of my relatives have some form of PTSD but none of them have ever received help for it.
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I'm related to Adam & Eve.

i don't know why i feel so dry
my dad is big on the geneology thing. our direct ancestors were given a choice between being hanged for stealing horses or going to the new world (obviously they chose the later). that was in the 1780s. the name itself goes back to ancient times and supposedly we are descendants of the Drow Elves which is kinda cool.
i am my own grandfather.
I can go back to like, the mid 1800s as I recall.
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I met my great grandmother when I was really young. Otherwise I don't really know anyone beyond my grandparents.
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Also, to answer literally how far back do you know, my mum has a small interest in family history (I don't, but hear about it cause she does >.> ) and the earliest she knows of so far is my 10th great grandfather, born in 1611. Pretty crazy, really
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Abigail Williams (September 15, 1680 – c. 1690s) was one of the primarily initial accusers in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, which led to the arrest and imprisonment of more than 150 accused witches.

also can trace my lineage back to Charlemagne which really isn't that hard considering he had 20 kids. but what's really funny is from there i can trace it back to caeser, and then to zeus. so that's cool
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It seems I am a descendent of St. Arnulf of Metz (620 AD), the patron saint of beer. I like that.
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finnish sailor in the 1800s.

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First variation of my dads family name started appearing in the 10th century, they were Viking settlers in the north of England. We're unsure whether they were Danish or Norse though.
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A distant cousin did an internet genealogy project and traced my moms line back to someone that died shortly before the American Revolution.
Also her great grandparents were Jews in the south that changed their last name from Solomon to Salmon in order to hide their Jewishness.
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My grandfather was a WW2 intelligence agent.
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My great grandfather was imprisoned in Guzen concentration camp, the one i got my name from. My other great grandfather was a drunk who bet up his sons, my third great grandfather had a 19yo wife when he was like 40 something and i personally knew my fourth great grandfather, because he died when i was like 11. He was a shoemaker while he still worked. I also knew two of my great grandmothers, the one that married the concentration camp guy (she died when i was 13 and she was really really cool. She could strip all the meat from a chicken eventho she had no teeth), and the 19yo one (she died when i was like 20 i think, so that was also cool).

I also know where my great great grandfather came from, the one that i got my name from, and i think he was a wheelmaker or a carpenter, im not sure. I also have some knowledge of my other great great grandparents.
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I think my mum was teaching me to write my name when I was a really little kid, so that's probably the earliest time I was aware of my family name
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we can proof it back till the late 18th century.

we also found a branch that was "nobled" ( announced to be Count from now on ) by karl v. in the 16th century, but we have no final proof that they belong to our Family for sure...
the Problem is that the area around Mainz, Germany, was French back in the days and i had difficulties to understand this old fashioned bleached french handwritten documents.

if you are in Germany go to Bremerhaven to the Museum "auswandererhaus". this is simply great. including a big database where you can focusly search ancient Folks who went out from europe to the new world.
i am sure i found my People on These old documents.

we had Family moving out to the us in 1861 and 1864
the Little village lohrville, WI was renamed to honor them
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My family surname is Bendall which comes from the Anglo-Saxon Beonethalh, now modern-day Benthall in Shropshire. Halh means hall or site and Beonet basically means 'bend' or 'bendy'. I remember reading somewhere that it was due to the wind-swept nature of the hill.

The first named ancestor with my name was Anfrid De Benthall in 13th Century. There's still a Benthall Hall there to this date but no wealth sadly. My family was either given that name because they were from the settlement or they were descended from the same line.

Impossible to know really.
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I can trace my name back to ancesters that fought in the American Revolutionary War as and the U.S. Civil war and I found two gentlemen with my surname who were among the founders of the state of Indiana where I live one of which is on a plack in our Soldiers and Sailors monument which is the focall point of downtown Indianapolis.

My surname is Sotts/Irish and not by any means a common one and everyone that I have met here in Indianapolis has been related somehow, so I'm fairly certain that those who were founding fathers of the state were ancesters.

My mothers maiden name is German and and research has actually been done on that name and a family tree established as far back as an ancester who owned a tavern in the late 1700s.
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