Hey everyone!
Brand new to setting up a pedal board and was looking for some suggestions from everyone :-) Here's what I have. Feel free to ask any questions as well. Appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments!

MXR Analog Chorus
Boss Digital Delay DD-3
MXR Octave Fuzz
MXR Phase 90
MXR Boost/Line Driver
Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-E
Dunlop SC95 Slash Crybaby Classic Wah
What's the question? Pedal order?

I'd start with Boost > Wah > Phase > Fuzz > Wah > Chorus > Delay > Tuner

The major points are that wah and fuzz and phase and fuzz are a matter of taste in which one you like before the other. I like phase into fuzz and wah into fuzz but lots of people go the opposite way on one or both. So you'll have to experiment there.

Tuner at the beginning or end of chain is controversial. Some people find that their tuner only tracks properly at the beginning of the chain, but your rig has the potential for a fair bit of noise, so I put it at the end so you can mute the whole chain instead of just the guitar, since you might get some hiss out of the pedals if you do it the other way around. If it doesn't track well there, put it somewhere else.

Delay should probably be last, that's standard. I haven't played that fuzz but some like to be first in the chain, so if it sounds weird put it in front of everything, or everything except the wah, and see how that goes. Boost depends on how you use it, most of your pedals are buffered already so the buffer in it isn't really doing anything for you. First in the chain gives you a nice consistent level but it could go later if it doesn't sound good into the fuzz, or if it drives some of the modulation too hard.
I suggest putting the tuner at the beginning so it tracks as accurately as possible. The TU-3 has a good buffer in it too, which makes it perfect for putting right at the front. And I'd put any boosts/OD's/Distortions after the wah and phaser. I find putting the wah/phasers last makes them a bit overpowering.

You may want to put the fuzz before the tuner though as fuzzes don't always like accepting a buffered signal.

Choruses and delays are generally put in the effects loop.

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