What can I expect from a 20" birch bass drum? enough bottom end?

I'm looking to get a kit with smaller size bass/toms. Probably going to be a birch kit. It would be for funk/pop/soul and maybe a little classic rock. Can I get enough low end out of say a birch 20" bass drum and a 14x12 floor tom?

My other two kits are standard sizes for the most part. I've never used anything smaller than a 22" bass drum.

Thanks in advance for any replies

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Not sure about that.. I just own an unplugged kit.. Cajon, hi-hat and some other accessories (may need a one cymbal and stand).. in my pearl piccolo snare I installed a Kickport FX series for snare and it does make it sound louder.. so maybe it can make a 20" bass drum sound louder too.
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The sound of the drums is far less dependant on the kind of wood used than you'd think. It really depends on the construction of the drum, to be honest.

For what it's worth, my first set with a kick under 22" was a birch Ludwig Element, which had a 20x15" kick. That bass drums REALLY surprised me - it had a lot of lowend but the size helped to make it much tighter and less boomy than the 22s and 24s I'd had before.
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