Hello everyone!
Working on a song and decided to use Amplitube 3's phrase trainer and can't seem to get it to move the tempo.

The top where there's a tempo tap works but doesn't change tempo down on the phrase trainer, I seem to stay locked at 120bpm, 4/4.
First time using that feature as I've always done it in DAW, but there's always a first time

Any ideas?
The TAP button controls the BPM sync for stomps such as T•Rex Replica, but is not meant to change the Speed Trainer BPM.

It's unfortunate, but working as designed.
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Actually I had a "duh" moment, the bottom "tempo" can be controlled by left click+drag up and down mouse. It happened accidentally

The tap above is actually what I believe meant to help you pick your tempo for sync effects and also figure out what tempo you want *below* but the tempo for the track metronome itself has to be created by the button below with left mouse click + up/down.

I also found the manual on Scribd and it says that the letter "T" also can control the tempo tap, which it does.

It turned out I need EZDrummer so back to the DAW anyway
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