Hi everyone. So, I've been playing bass/guitar for years, but mainly using tabs and just doing whatever.

I would like to get into more music theory and actually understanding of playing and perhaps using that to create my own work.

The thing is... I have no idea what scale is what, which chord is what, etc.

If someone asks me to play an A (or is it A chord?), I'd have no idea what to do. I'm not even sure what an 'arpeggio' is.

I've just been 'playing' and using tabs.

Does anyone know of a program (even paid) or a website with lessons or something to help me with learning this stuff?

As in, a proven efficient and effective thing - not just some random blog post.

If it helps, my main interest is metal (Death, Opeth, Scar Symmetry, etc.). I'd really like to get more into lead guitar, but I kind of need to know some scales and stuff... which I'm a huge noobie at.

ILikePeeps In roughly 2 weeks or so, I'll have something for you, when my company's website goes live. We'll be looking for user-trialists to check out our desktop product for students, and there will be some "how-to" videos and some lesson videos as well. The brand is "emuso". The company is MusicIncite Ltd. But at the moment, there is no web presence. Once the site is up and running, I'll link to it with my signature.
Aurora BorealisThe site is done. We're now creating videos and then she goes live. Can't wait! Very pleased with the designers.

The help videos are also being linked to emuso itself ... put emuso in help mode, press a button (like "Chord") and then contextual help comes up using these videos. Otherwise, you get ... chords :-) This is very time consuming putting this bit together.

As a little taster, if you use emuso to create a scale or chord, this is visualised on an "instrument" (guitar, piano, bass ... you choose, and can swap instruments, with the appropriate chord, scale reappearing). Can then select a sequence of pitches from the scale (or chord), such as root, 3rd, root, 3rd, 5th ... and then hit play. The resulting arpeggio is played back at whatever speed you select. If no selections are made, instead the scale or whole chord gets played back, melodically or harmonically (your choice). Want to hear it rooted off a different pitch? Just drag the scale or chord by its root ... it reshapes as needed based on the guitar tuning (which can also be changed). I'll leave the other features to do with this as a surprise.

So, we're a bit late (mainly because the guy maklng these videos has bad bronchitis). We're delivering trial versions to our first school as soon as the help is finished.

I'll post here when the site is public. Apologies for the delay.
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jerrykramskoy Np, this kinda business is hard, there always are some delays, im really interested in this, and look forward to become an active user, i especially have trouble of not having an instrument with me all the time, this i think may help conceptualize easier without one. There are some alternatives to this but i don't think they are sufficient. I also want to know if you have an IOS/Android App version incoming..
Aurora Borealis When the emuso website goes live, you will get a much better idea of what emuso is, and I'd love for you to get involved there, if you want to. Product launch (final product, not beta) is phased over early next year, with the desktop versions first.

We are actually developing are a suite of products.

For students, there are three ... emuso/Time (for exploring rhythmic concepts, with percussion only), emuso/Edge (adds other instruments (guitar, piano ...) and accepts emuso-aware web content (not A/V). emuso/Studio (adds emuso-aware video/audio/MIDI content).

"emuso-awareness" means that interactions with web-content (e.g. chord shape) makes that content jump across to a virtual instrument where that chord comes to life (hear it, move it, edit it, transferred to another type of instrument ...). "emuso awareness" for video etc means that content such as chords, scales, progressions, guidance to help check understanding, can occur on-virtual instrument, sync'd to the video (audio MIDI). Again, such content can be heard, moved, edited, transferred to another type of instrument ,saved.

MusicIncite core lessons for emuso, and core ebooks for emuso, don't use music notation. Based on an awful lot of discussions with (would be) players, we encourage you to play ASAP, without the huge diversion of learning to read notation. Kids don't learn to read before they learn to see, recognise, listen, speak, touch. Nature does it like tthis ... so does emuso. (However, notation is supported when/if wanted by the student).

There are also two products for teachers ... emuso/foundry and emuso/foundry lite. These allow emuso awareness to be created and associated with video, web etc.

To answer your question about which platforms emuso runs on ...

Time and Edge are tablet products. (Android). Still assessing suitability of Time for smartphone (Android)
Studio is desktop product.
Foundry and Foundry lite are desktop products.
Do mods get free access?

You've been talking about this project for so long that I think I have to check it out
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Kevätuhri Really been a huge passion of mine, for many years now, trying to capture the inner workings of music that can be really easily understood. This gets me up in the morning.

Free access for mods certainly could be arranged! Be great to get your honest opinions, especially on any disappointing areas you pick up on. Hard to imagine a better test bed than being put to the sword by this mad bunch here :-)

We also really need the newbies, and folk who can play, but given up on, or never learned, theory, or have hit brick walls in progress.

Yes, this has been a long haul ... first got the idea in 2001, wrote books on it (theory) but didn't publish in the end.

Started protyping back around 2007(?). Been slowly building since then, adding stuff that helped me practice (the rhythm designer capabilities are insane for this) and gave a simple way to capture musical "sketches" and practice regimes using a virtual guitar, plus refining features to getting most jobs done in one or two clicks.

Development with a view towards simplicity of use etc, plus Android, ... commenced in 2013 when MusicIncite was encorporated.

My main business partner in emuso is also a guitarist, but knew virtually nothing about theory, nor how to use scales etc properlym even though he knew their patterns (his experise is business strategy and UX design). Now, working with emuso, he's got his act together, and being asked to join several different bands in his area. The emuso approach works ... he used to be in the "music theory is riocket science" club. He knows better now :-)

But I'm still way way better guitarist than him! :-)

As you know, I really enjoy helping folk along with theory (and mechanical technique). There's 30+ years of experience gone into emuso and its content (both from computing knowledge, and music knowledge).

Cost me a lot in money as well as effort (lost wages while working part-time on emuso, plus company expenses, service contracts ...).

So, near the end of the tunnel now.

Soon need to bring in DSP expertise, so we can drive emuso via voice, guitar etc. Maths is beyond me.
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