Hi, new guy here looking for help. (I posted an intro in the appropriate place yesterday)

So I've built my first stringed instrument and am having trouble getting my wiring sorted so I'm hoping someone can look at my sorry excuse for a schematic and let me know where I went wrong.

It does produce sound but not everything is working as I intended. I'm using a single humbucker with a selector switch that allows me to use either half, both halves in parallel or both in series. That all works except for when you have all three switches to the series mode and move the middle switch to the opposite. That should break the signal chain and produce no sound but it still has a weak tinny sound.

Also, the on/off switch and lead/rhythm (think Fender Jaguar) switches aren't working right either. I thought that if i break the ground where I did with the on/off switch all sound would cease but that's not the case. In fact the on/off switch is actually producing the lead/rhythm effect I was after with the lead/rhythm switch but the actual lead rhythm switch seems to be doing nothing at all.

All cavities are fully shielded and the grounds are soldered to the shielding. The weird thing is I still get the same conditions with the selector switch plate and the on/off lead/rhythm switch plates removed and isolated from the guitar body/shielding. Since the grounds for the on/off lead/rhythm switch plates are completely isolated this way I don't know how it could still be making sound???

Any ideas?

Thanks, Jack
Schematic 10-13-16.pdf
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im not following that switch, but you shoudlnt use one coil of a humbucker on its own as it will have half the output. I've only ever seen it done with either both in parallel or both in series on a switch.
A weak tinny sound will be produced if both coils are in parallel mode, but you cross the phases i.e. one coil has the current going clockwise and the other anticlockwise, so maybe try swapping the 2 wires on one of the coils?

The sound quality isn't a problem in any of the four desired modes (split coils, parallel or series), I'm happy there.