Hi guys!

I need to get rid of the red spots on this guitar in order to sell it for a higher price. It is otherwise mint-condition but I cannot seem to get rid of these spots. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I should also note that I've tried rubbing-alcohol and regular soap without any result.


To see the pictures click here: http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/notsosuperjerk/library/
NotSoSuperJerk What finish is on the guitar? How did those spots get there?

If it's a nitrocellulose lacquer guitar, you may not be able to get rid of them.
If it's a polyurethane/polyester finish, I'd be curious to know what caused them
@dspellman Wow man sorry I thought I was gonna get an email when someone responded. My bad. The only thing I can find about the guitar on the website is what kind of colour it has: http://www.charvel.com/guitars/pro-mod/pro-mod-so-cal-style-1-hh-fr-maple-fingerboard-snow-white/

Here is the deal: I got this guitar dirt cheap when a store here in Stockholm had a "we are basically bankrupt, please buy our stuff-sale". And I haven't played on it so much so these spots might as well have been there since before I bought it. I don't know. I do have a red Schecter that this guitar could have rubbed against but it seems kind of unlikely. What I'm thinking of right now is maybe having someone re-paint the whole guitar. I dunno.

Say that I have one or the other finish, why could and why couldn't I get rid of them?

Thanks for the reply!
The cost of repainting the guitar would be more than the loss of selling it with flaws. As long as the guitar plays fine and is in otherwise good condition, people probably wouldn't care that much.
How much did you buy it for?
I know a guy that paints cars for a living and will do it for free. I got it for maybe 300USD. He lives in another part of the country though. We will talk about it more by the end of this month. Thanks for the comments guys!
Guitar looks like its painted in poly, what guitar brand is it? Look's to me like permanent marker pen or maybe spray paint from someones hands id try wiping some acetone on the marks I've cleaned loads of poly guitars with acetone. Just DONT do it on a guitar painted in nitro, shellac or anything like that. But from the pics it looks pretty modern so id assume poly. But if its under the clear poly then you aint getting it off without serious work of a refinish and that would be completely pointless.

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