My guitar neck bends too easily. So easy that putting it in a case makes it go out of tune because of just the headstock`s weight. It`s annoying because after storing it in a case for 3 days it was very detuned and the intonation was very, very bad. And it`s not laying on the headstock. The neck is bolt-on but the screws are very, very tight and they have metal inserts in the body, not sure about the neck. The floyd rose bridge is locked, so it`s not the bridge moving.
What model guitar? How much relief do you have?
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how old is the guitar? seems like perhaps you have a problem at the nut. if the nut is locked then tuners etc don't really come into play unless the nut is worn and the strings can move. you may also have knife edge issues which again if really worn will cause tuning issues.
It`s a polish superstrat, Flame EXG-1. It was made in 2014, the nut is alright, it doesn`t move and strings can`t move through. The knife edges are pretty good (replaced them a while ago). I adjusted my neck so it started to buzz and then backed it of just a tiny bit. It`s as flat as it can be without buzzing.
I'd check if the truss rod isn't to loose (as in it as loose to provide no counter tension for the strings and the neck itself) or plainly broken.
You can always try to hit up Mayones customer service.
I've owned / played a bunch of Mayones guitars throughout the years and they were some of the most stable necks I've ever seen (yet nothing beats my 90's Jackson, the last time it required neck relief adjustment was almost 10 years ago)
It is not broken when the neck reacts to adjustments, right? Or can a broken truss rod sort of work?