I'm sorry to clog the forums with yet another of these threads, but everything past down picking and economy/alternate picking seems to have been wiped from the songs for technique stickied thread.

Anyway, as the title indicates, I'm looking for exercises to work on anywhere between 4-8 fingered tapping. I would prefer 8, just so I can work on building strength and independence in all of the fingers on my right hand. The technical difficulty of it also doesn't matter all too much, as I'll more than likely be playing it slower than intended anyway. Except maybe any Chris Broderick stuff, I don't hate myself that much. It's kinda hard to find exercises for this slightly niche technique, so assistance would be vastly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

There are tabs for this on this site. His 8 finger tapping is cooler than any other guitarist, in my opinion.
Honestly one of the most synchronised 8 finger tapping is Synyster Gates at his Master Class, in my opinion. Speed and precision.