At this point I believe I know all of the standard major and minor arpeggio shapes, as well as some minor and major 7th, diminished, and diminished 7th positions. So I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me what I should be working on. Would it be a good idea to get a better grasp of 7th arpeggios, or is there something entirely different I should be tackling?

On the subject of chords, should I be practicing them? As in practicing forming chord shapes all over the neck, similar to how most people do when they first start. I know most of the basic chord positions, though not all of them, much to my shame haha. But is it important to integrate all sorts of shapes into my muscle memory, or is it alright to just know one or two? This subject in particular in one that I'm not sure of, so I'd really appreciate some guidance.

Also, my apologies if this belongs in the theory section. I think it fits here, but I could be mistaken.

Thanks in advance.
My best advice, if you really want to dig deep into chords/arpeggios realm. Is to check Ted Greene's Books/Youtube lessons...etc..etc
You will have material of study for years.
Cheeseshark as the above post says .. if you want ALL chords and solo lines over them ted greene is a one stop shop...the thing with chords/solos..yeah its nice to know lots of them..but do you know how to use them in a progression or a song..when you say you know all the major chords..does that mean in ALL keys in ALL positions and ALL inversions.. or just one form of each chord in one position..using just a three note C triad..you can form 4 different C triads in the first position alone..

the point is..learning the triads and 4 note chords in all voicings, positions, and keys and how to use them in progressions and songs will take quite a bit of work and time..but if you really learn them...you will be well on your way to be able to play just about anything you like..learning some theory and diatonic harmony along the way will also help you with the many questions that will come with this type of study

hope this helps
play well