General thoughts on this place and rules!

OK so a few things:

-Be nice to another. At the very least be respectful on here if you think that other person is a piece of garbage. This does not include people mocking the bands you listen to, bands are fair game and may be scrutinized harshly.

-Thread posting! Two threads a day please. I will verbally warn you first, and then I will hurl my wrath upon you afterwards.

-Self promotion. I don't mind if you create a band thread for your own band, but ultimately I'm going to decide if it stays or goes. If it is clearly hard rock, then it will go somewhere else. One thread maximum for your own band thread, this includes releases or merch.

-what is and isn't metal? The rule goes if you have to ask then you probably aren't listening to metal. However, things like death core are allowed here. Metal core is allowed, and nu-Metal technically is too. They just aren't too celebrated.

-keep dumb shit posting to reddit or the pit. Memes are mostly taken lightly and I won't ban you likely, but eh. I don't like most of them and I think they're dumb. So try your luck if you want to. Go to off topic thread for general talk.

-nudity/gore isn't allowed. If you feel absolutely compelled to post an album cover with a pair of tits on it, then at least spoiler it for those browsing at work. You are at the discretion of the site owners, so keep that in mind.

-DON'T FEEL OUT OF PLACE POSTING. as a community we enjoy having new members we can brainwash into liking metal. Just know that most death core or metal core isn't that popular around here. If you want to post about a band, then do it. If you want to hit up the off topic thread, then do it.

Remember if make an ass out of yourself, literally almost everyone here has.

If there's anything you want clarification on, go to the off topic thread or pm me.