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"You're cute"
13 41%
"Your face intrigues me in a bad way"
5 16%
"I like you, do something you dork"
14 44%
Voters: 32.
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In your experience, is that good or bad?

Is it like "lel jk ur ugly" or "I'm saying this because you're my #kisstarget"?
idk im a loser

but based on what i have observed probably the first and third things
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I mean I can't think of a time that's ever been said when it wasn't very clearly flirting

What if she's with a friend giggling and says it and then goes away?

Bonus question: What if she's walking in and says it and then hangs out for a bit just talking to a friend?
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i'll let you know when this happens to me

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when she says "your cute" ya gotta eat her ass till her eyes roll in the back of her head
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For the longest time I thought it was 2, but lately I've come around to thinking it means 1 with a bit of 3. A 'you're attractive enough so that I wouldn't feel disgusted if you made a move' kind of thing.
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Victory2134 The weird thing is sometimes they're with friends and randomly say it while giggling and then just go away or something, and that's really weird.

(This situation happened to me once, but a long time ago. And only once :S )
I thank them for stating an obvious fact I wasn't sure they realized and hope they stick around long enough to realize many more.

If you're not sure how to take it, pretend you're a 12 year old girl and shyly ask "How cute?"
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I wish I could be a cute girl sometimes
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I've known people that get offended if they are called "cute". They think it's a diminutive rather than a compliment.
The peak of no confidence when a girl tells you you're cute and you don't believe her so you make an internet thread about the experience.
"aww you're cute" isn't really saying anything but

"shut up you're cute, hehe"

is saying something

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The way I feel about it depends on what part of my body she's looking at.
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It can be good or bad depending on the context and her personality.
Like if she is a type to get nervous around people that she has a crush on then her boldly telling you that you are cute may be a sign that she isn't nervous enough around you to really like you.

I'm saying this with the caveat that you want to bone her at some point. If not then yeh her saying you are cute probably means that she thinks you are cute.
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I'm not a psychologist but I think it means she thinks you're cute.
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probably telling me she wants the cucc
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I'm not a psychologist but I think it means she thinks you're cute.
dumb it down a bit. you went over my head.
Cute isn't just about looks, it's also about behavior/personality and other things. Sometimes things are so ugly they do a 180 and become cute! Like baby English Bulldogs, for example.
Almost every woman to ever come out and call me cute has wound up in bed with me. Once I hear that it's game on.
kinda of a mix for me

in highschool i was a skinnier, nerdier version of myself who was obsessed with film photography and skateboarding.
this lacrosse player chick in my health science class used to "hit on me" all the time and call me cute and give me hugs and stuff.
she dated a ton of jock douchebags, she probably monkey branched to plenty of average looking guys just for the hell of it.
but i've been called cute in the few relationships i've been in, and in those cases it's the same tier as being called "hot" or "sexy' fo sho
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The peak of no confidence when a girl tells you you're cute and you don't believe her so you make an internet thread about the experience.

it doesn't have to mean anything more than that she thinks you're attractive, but that's sure something anywho
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When I get called cute I know i'm in
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In your experience, is that good or bad?

Is it like "lel jk ur ugly" or "I'm saying this because you're my #kisstarget"?

If you have to ask then you know it's because you're ugly.
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No joke I've heard this joke told by a math teacher o.o
I am your math teacher
ggg1 ggg3

In my case, it's always been in the "what you did there was so cute of you" kind of way.
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