Hey All,

I want to get into home recording. I am on an extremely tight budget. I am looking at recording vocals + acoustic guitars/ vocals + electric guitars. I am getting a used Lexicon Alpha [/http://lexiconpro.com/en/products/alpha] for a reasonable price. I have a macbook and garage band. I was confused between which mics to take. Should I go in for a cheaper mic like the Shure PG 48 or spend some money and get the Shure SM 57?

Thanks in advance for your help.
What are you planning to record with the mic? If you don't have lots of cash, try finding an used SM57. Or maybe an SM58 or Beta 58 if you're gonna use it just for vocals.
I used the Lexicon Alpha for a few years as a interface on my laptop. It works well but there is one drawback to be aware of. The Alpha has no phantom power so you are limited to dynamic mics (the SM57 or SM58 are a good choice) unless you have another phantom power supply.
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